Involuntary purchases and teasing of customer service

A few days ago in the period of 10 seconds that elapsed in validating my train ticket I found an on-screen purchase of a rare incubator. It is the worst thing that can happen to someone in this game, involuntarily buying an incubator that only provides junk DNA in exchange for 1000 notes that costs so much to get. It shouldn’t be possible for that to happen but it has already happened to more people and involves five involuntary movements

  1. Press change screen
  2. remove finger from the screen
  3. Click on the incubator
  4. Remove finger from the screen
  5. Press the confirm button

It is very strange that this happens but it can happen.

The point is that then I saw that instead of 1000 notes 2000 notes had been discounted and I contacted the customer service that tells me that I made 2 involuntary purchases of an incubator IN THE SAME MINUTE (actually in those approximate 10 seconds). I told them in various messages that this is simply impossible and that it was necessarily an application error because that would imply:

  1. Press change screen
  2. remove finger from the screen
  3. Click on the incubator
  4. Remove finger from the screen
  5. Press the confirm button
  6. Press change screen
  7. Press to open incubator
  8. Remove finger from the screen
  9. Press to collect coins
  10. Remove finger from the screen
  11. Press to pick up the darts
  12. Remove finger from the screen
  13. Click to collect common DNA
  14. Remove finger from the screen
  15. Click to collect common DNA
  16. Remove finger from the screen
  17. Press to collect rare DNA
  18. Remove finger from the screen
  19. Press to collect rare DNA
  20. Remove finger from the screen
  21. Press in the incubator again
    22 Remove finger from the screen
  22. Press the confirm button again

That is, a minimum of 23 finger movements are needed to perform this whole process and taking into account that in some of the movements such as when things appear in the incubator, several seconds pass between movement and movement. It is almost impossible to do all that voluntarily in a minute and it is completely impossible to do it involuntarily. Anyone would see that this is impossible, anyone except Ludia’s customer service who arrogantly told me it was my problem and no longer deigns to answer my last message.

It is the second time that I have problems with this customer service, rather an inattention and insult service. The first was when there were problems with purchases on Android, after a month of messages there was no way they could give me a satisfactory answer and I lost the 100 Boosts of speed that I was going to buy.

I’m already tired. I will not argue anymore. I will simply do the only thing that is in my hand and score negatively to the game from the Android platform. With the first problem I passed my score of 5 to 2, with this problem I have passed the score of 2 to 1. Now I just scored 1 from my mother’s account, during the week my brothers will do it and in the next few weeks friends (for Luckily I have many) and rest of family.

It is a pity to have to end this way, but they have not left me any other remedy.

Best regards



I understand and agree with you; I did that few times already and once it was 5K HC epic incubator … was on map and somehow end-up seeing Epic incubator purcahsed and ready to be opened. I believe my palm side might have touched the screen corner and while I was pressing some button on map (attacking or spinning supply drop); I touched purchase button and there my 5K HC gone.

There should be some way of avoiding these accidental purchases. But I am not sure if Ludia even be capable of even thinking about it.


All they have to do is add good confirm buttons. That goes for everything. Leveling up a dino too.


As I said in my message, unfortunately what happened to you and a partner in the alliance can happen because Ludia has not established a better confirmation, probably because she is not interested. That could happen to me, unfortunately, what is impossible is to happen twice in the same minute. Opening the purchased incubator the first time completely disables to buy the second.


Agreed, thats indeed not possible unless I can think that your game get disconnected and Game assumed incubator is opened then you bought another one … (but in that case after reload of game you should see missed rewards screen)

You probably can go through your App Store support and have them force a refund. Apple and Google will help you get your money back majority of the time


Thank you. I had not thought about that possibility but I will try to recover what I have been scammed. The problem is that maybe too long since the last purchase

Meanwhile, yesterday the third opinion of 1 star was posted, the minimum.

After being on vacation with little contact with the game, I return to the game … and comment on family and friends who leave their negative opinion about the game. During these days, 3 new opinions of 1 out of 5. Given that there are 400,000 opinions, it will not be easy to affect the overall valuation, but well over time, perhaps I can eliminate one tenth. In fact, I think I remember that not long ago it was 4.4 and now it is 4.3. I guess it’s normal when the game might deserve a score of 5 but customer service steals and insults users.

Perhaps it is difficult to influence the JWA scores with only 100 negative scores … but hey, there are dragons, turtles, warriors and other games to be valued with the minimum score and a comment that discourages the unsuspecting.

… which will never happen, because the “oops I didn’t mean to spend that money!!” outcome is there by design. They want it to be very easy to make that mistake, and it’s doubtful they’ll respond to any support request related to it at all. They’re probably hoping you’ll forget.

I like the suggestion to go through the applicable app store (Google play or Mac Game Store) and file your support request there. I’ve heard enough stories of Google or Apple refunding your money, or giving a credit that can be spent with Lewdia or any other game, that I’d expect odds of an acceptable outcome would be high, at least better than the likely “nu phone hoodis?” from L.

If enough such complaints/support requests hit a high enough threshold, maybe the app could get suspended from one or both stores. I know, long shot, but could happen.

Well, my goal is not to suspend the game. My goal is to protest in the only way I can protest. Ludia has made a mistake and does not recognize it. I protest the correct channels and they answer me in an unpleasant way and without giving me a solution. What two options do I have left?

  1. Shut up and I don’t want to.
  2. Continue to protest as a consumer and that is what I continue to do.

I feel your pain. I have accidentally misclicked a few times as well.

Personally the part that really angers me is the Customer Support email where they say something like we are considering this matter closed and any responses you give will be ignored. That to me seems to be a blatant disregard for their customer base.

Poor design may be excusable. Failure to fix the identified problem, not as excusable. Poor customer service? There is absolutely no excuse for that.


Again, for the hell, again !!!

Nothing that can come out in an epic incubator is of any use to me except the coins. The only objective of the game is to collect tickets to open incubators that give boosts, this is the game …

… and now all the work of more than two months, 5000 tickets, they go to hell for an involuntary purchase of an epic incubator … two months of fighting, two months of opening orange and green towers, two months to participate in championships … all to hell for the involuntary purchase of a filthy epic incubator that is useless and would buy even if it cost 100 tickets alone …