iOS 14 update wiped out game

My son’s iPad updated to iOS 14 overnight and his Titan’s Uprising game got wiped out too. When he opened the app, it was as if he just downloaded it from the app store - going through the tutorial and everything. It even gave him a new support key. I have contacted Ludia support and am waiting for a response. Thankfully, I knew his old support key and provided to support. He’s only 8 and loves HTTYD and this game. He is so disappointed because he worked so hard to get 5-star dragons and upgrade Toothless. Happen to anyone else? Wasn’t sure if I should contact Apple Support as well.


I’m sorry that happened, ErinR. Our team will try their best to assist with the account recovery once they get a chance to review the email.

May I ask if the account was connected/linked to a Facebook account? If so, reconnecting to Facebook from the in-game Settings menu should recover the lost data.


Hi Ned -
Thank you for the question. No, his account is not connected to a Facebook account. He’s only 8 years old and not allowed on social media. :slight_smile:

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Hi Ned.

I’m in exactly the same situation. My 4 year old son and I have spent countless hours advancing through the game and getting stronger dragons. Today I just found out that the game has been reset to zero. My son is now in school and I can foresee he will be devastated when he’s back and sees all is gone now :frowning:

I even started paying the subscription just last week, because we are having a good time playing the game and thought it was worth rewarding the developers.

Please help me recover the data.

By the way, the game was not connected to Facebook.



Alright, an update:

I went to the Game Center in iOS, pressed “Sign Out” there, and then enable the Game Center again. After doing this, I opened the Titan Uprising game again and I saw how it mentioned something like “welcome back” over a Game Center banner, and then, to my surprise and relieve, all my progress was back to where it was.

Now, I’m a bit confused about the “Connect” section in the game settings. It now shows two options: “Login With Facebook” and “Sign in with Apple”. But, I thought using the Game Center account in the game is the same as “Sign in with Apple”. I’m afraid to press that button because I think that’s what brought me back to the start of the game just earlier.

Last question, if I do not connect the game to anything in the game settings, is my game progress data saved in the Game Center? For instance, if ever I install the game on a different iOS device, will I see my progress there as well?


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I use iOS as well.

Connection to Game Center and Sign In with Apple are both enabled here and I so far never had any progress loss.

If you backup the device regularly you should also have the game progress saved in the backup - I use the automatic backup to iCloud.

I moved my progress through 3 devices without any loss - using Quick Start - available from iOS 10 or 11.


Same issue here. I didn’t back up the kids progress to iCloud. Is the progress total lost?

Well you should contact Ludia-Support in any case, but maybe you have the opportunity to check the following:

Try remembering if there was a banner greeting you with “welcome back blablabla” with such a small multicolor iconBildschirmfoto 2020-09-30 um 14.32.41

If so - the game was connected via Game Center.

I would first check (if possible) with a spare device which has at least iOS 10 (did not check iPads but all devices from 2012 should do the job) - setup the device as new, enter Apple ID, install the Games App and the iCloud connection should be enabled by default - means your progress is not lost if it appears.

I am not sure which progress is kept when you just enable the connection - or if you have the option to chose if the existing one is to be exchanged by the new one. Never experienced any Game Center Issues.

Any recent local backups on a computer done with either iTunes or Finder? Before restoring a device from an older backup try (if enough free storage available) to sync most important stuff to iCloud to make sure nothing is wiped out from the backup.

I guess having covered all possible data loss traps here.


Just wanted to offer an update to this topic.

Ludia Support was able to restore my son’s game completely. They needed his support key or Gamer ID (the name you chose in the game) or the name of the Clan, the last time the game was played (month/year), and a receipt if you made any purchases in the last 365 days. They also asked if the device the game was played on had changed and if the device had been factory reset since losing the account.

After answering all of their questions, it took a few more days, but the game was fully recovered.

Many thanks to Ludia Support and I hope everyone else having the same issue is able to successfully recover their game too.


We have two devices with Titan Uprising installed:
iPhone And iPad.
The Apple ID is same for both

I messaged support about the following issue and still waiting to hear back and saw this post so thought someone on this group might have some advice…

A few days ago Titan Uprising game disappeared off the iphone. Not sure how it happened.
I didn’t think it would be a problem, just downloaded the game again and login. However, when I went to login I selected Sign In with Apple ID and I had problems: It required Two-factor authentication, I didn’t have that option so I upgraded the phone to iOS 14. Still don’t have that option. I was able to login eventually. Problem is it was logging in as the user on the iPad.

Then we lost the user on the iPad and now both are new users that we did not create- same name but different # after the name.
Possibly due to the Apple ID??? You tell me!

All dragons are gone and it’s starting over at the beginning!!!

What I want to do is Log off this user and Login as the previous user. No matter how many times I uninstall and re-install it automatically logs in as this new user.

Any suggestions?

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Are there any recent backups of either device?

“Accidental” iCloud or deliberate local ones on the computer?

I am just about to restore my iPhone from iCloud and see how far things run the way I expect them to run.

How to check iCloud for backups:


New update deleted all my game content as well but I sign in through Facebook.

If anyone wants to compare settings:


My phone restored without showing any issues with game progresses.

Updating to 14.2 made no issue either.