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iOS icon always lists one new message


I play on an iPad running macOS 13 beta 5 and an iPhone running iOS 12. The WoW icon always lists one new message. Is it possible have it display counts for new challenges, chests ready to open, or anything that has changed since I last played? If not, I would rather turn it off as opposed to always seeing the “1”?




Hey Kleznik, you might have received some messages in-game which could have triggered the notification. Once you clear the messages you have in the game, the notification should disappear.

The notification settings can be turned off by going into the in-game Settings menu and tapping “Notifications”, depending on your device, you might have to go into your device’s settings to turn it off instead.

Thank you for the reply.

You are correct in that if I turn off notifications, the number on the icon for the app disappears. If I turn notifications back on, it reappears again. I have searched all In game tabs and my OS notifications, and I can not seem to get the number to go away when notifications are on.

Any other ideas? I like the idea of having the icon when something becomes newly available in the game.


Our team would be happy to take a closer look at your game to see why you might be stuck with that notification. Could you email your support key over to our support team at Thanks!

I have the same thing happening! Iphone se here…

Will do so.

Thank you again.


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I also have this issue on my iPhone… do you want all of our support keys?

I’ve had the same problem since day one, and even contacted support, but nothing’s changed.

I have a constant notification badge on the app icon, but there isn’t anything I can find in game that’s new. Has anyone else experienced this problem or know how to fix it?image


Me too. You can make it go away by turning off all notifications but then you never know when your chests and quests are ready.

There is already a topic somewhere saying the exact same thing. Unfortunately this has not been tackled by the devs, and I fear this has even not been forwarded to the devs. All are using iOS?

I have it as well. Yes, iOS.

I think it showed up when I tapped a notification to activate the program. But, it happened within the first day of playing.

I have it as well, and am using IOS.

I’m having the same issue. It just happened today.

Same here!!!