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iOS players fall behind again

As usual, the update is out on android and iOS players have to wait. You’ll should know that this really hurts iOS players in arena, and Ludia better compensate!


It’s not Ludia’s fault that Apple tests stuff before being released in their stores to prevent their players from downloading viruses etc. It would be nice and very appreciated if Ludia compensates this but imo this was only necessary for Arena release where time of starting to play the update was important for the ranking.


How does the time of starting matter and not any other time? If you’re a top player, you’ll notice that even missing 1 energy or so can drop your rank unbelievably

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But you did know that maintenance was about to start and used your energy before so that waiting should be no problem?

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But that could even prevent you buying more energy. Either or, it’s not fair for one platform to get the update before, and they should compensate

I don’t know where your information came from that the update on android is out. I play on android along with 5 other members of my family and maintenance is still in progress - none of us can start the game now

People are playing it now, go to the store and update it

Be patient guys Apple will get it soon enough. Doesn’t make sense to make android users wait just because we have to! It’s not Ludia’s fault


Definitely not, they just need to compensate ios players too. That makes it fair.

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Yeah I think even just a little energy for the IOS users would go a long way to show that they acknowledge that we’re stuck waiting for it

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I feel like a punished child in every update :joy: :zipper_mouth_face:

I reckon runes like last time is better. Because arena isn’t the only thing affected

An hour later and still nothing

I’m more upset about the delay of the maintenance - I scheduled everything from every type of energy (used it all up) to 4h quests that need to be done to my breeding times so that I only need to log back in after maintenance is done including some hours of buffer because of AppStore releasing the update not immediately. The sudden delay of maintenance destroyed my planning and I was busy doing other things so I didn’t notice soon enough and could not adjust anything anymore.


we are still waiting :roll_eyes: patience patience and patience :woozy_face:

And still! Ludia this is ridiculous! Better compensate us

It also affects the number of hits you can get in on alpha fights, thus affecting your keys and alpha chests.


:alarm_clock::man_facepalming: sucks when half of the day is passed and iOS players still cannot get to play the game while every update android users get advantage of starting to play it first…

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Maybe Ludia should charge half price for FC for iOS players since we get half service?

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This really is dumb, 13hrs since I last played.

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