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iOS update in the App Store today

Saw there was a new update for the game again this morning… but still have the same glitches…

What was fixed???

Have you not read any of the dozens of threads posted in the last 24 hours?

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I know about the known issues from yesterday’s update… this new update I still see no changes

Ooh! You are correct. There is a new update today.

No worries… I am just confused about what they changed…I see no changes as of yet

nothing in the google play store. interesting.

Yesterday’s update was 1.10.12.
Today’s update is 1.10.15.

Downloading now

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Yeah. Not seeing anything obvious.

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Found the change.

The red text is no longer at the bottom of the page when waiting for an opponent to battle. The rest of the text on the screen is now offset to the left like the android version.

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oh Ok thanks! I hope they push out another update soon to fix the chat issues and other things glitching