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iOS update?

Hey! Everyone is getting excited about an Android update. Just checking to see when iOS users will be getting one.

There was an Android update announced!? Did I miss this!?

Disregard. My app updated automatically!

If you go into your App Store, it should show that there’s an update available. It did for a lot of people in a Facebook group I’m in.

Yeah there seemed to be a bit of an update. I matched with Sheng Zhao, Charlie became available as part of one of the three characters who share the storyline with Zayn and Jake. I saw someone managed to match with Thomas, though I wasn’t able to myself. Not sure about any other new characters or if any major bugs were fixed that people have been experiencing.

Yesss, I saw!!! I haven’t had any story continuations though. Hopefully they come through soon! I need to find out more about Skylar!!!

I know Sheng became available before the actual update happened— I matched with Tomas, his counterpart when they became available a few days ago. Though I’m mad because I really wanted Sheng and swiped on Tomas thinking nothing would happen and then we suddenly matched, so no Sheng for me! I did download the game on my iPad later and have already matched with Sheng there, thankfully.

There was another new face that came through for me but we didn’t match. Must be a new one they’re starting or something. Or a third counterpart to someone else. Not sure.

I’d just like some of these paused offline stories to get back up and running again :sweat_smile: