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iPadOS 14 Compatibility & Migrating Game Data

Hi Ludia,

I can’t find confirmation as to whether the latest version of Jurassic World The Game is compatible on iPadOS 14?

If so, I will be swapping over to a new device with iPadOS 14 soon and will be migrating game data from an older device running iOS 12.4.8 so I’m very cautious of attempting this without declared support on the new iPadOS along with confirmation that a migration from an older iOS version shouldn’t pose a problem?


Hello… I’m not very good at iPad and iOS, but if you mention your old device support key as well as that of the new device (when you install the game), they’ll transfer the data as far as I know.

Hi there, yeah I’m aware of the steps involved but cannot find confirmation about iPadOS 14 compatibility, which could be a significant variable here… I’d cry if I lost my game progress so far so looking for clarification before attempting…

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Maybe you find someone with the same configuration as you have here in the forum, which is not me.

Otherwise you should ask Ludia support to be sure.

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