iPhone 11 pro issues

New iPhone new problems. Same issue that happened with the XS is happening with the 11 Pro. Can’t see the top of your screen where we have the cut out. I can see it on my XS still but if I log into my 11 Pro I can’t. The screen is stretched. And it says my GPS is turned off and it’s not. Can’t log into play at all and can’t see anything but a screen trying to search the area unless I use my old phone.

Come on guys. How can I compete in a tourney that I paid for if the app won’t work on my phone? Ugh.

Yeah same with my pro max, can’t see available coins or notes it’s cut off

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Yep, same thing. I’m running 11 pro. Hopefully there is a fix soon.

While I understand your frustration this is really just always an early adopters problem.

I guarantee apple didn’t give them an iPhone 11 so they could update their game for it.

With any new hardware it take time for software developers to catch up.

Hey Stolie77, thanks for letting us know! The device is not supported at the moment, but our team will be working on a solution for this.

how can this be unsupported? how do all other games and apps have immediate updates to work effectively on the new iphone but you guys havent thought ahead?

It’s literally the same size as the last phones so I have no idea how this isn’t an easy fix. At this point I’m just used to the problems.

I just got iPhone pro max plus and loading screen gets to 8 and then tells me I don’t have any internet. Yet everything else on the phone is connected to the internet