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Iphone 12

Anyone here with an iphone 12 also having the issue that the app is not formatted for newer phones? I can no longer see the order of battle in gauntlet & brawl. I also have issue seeing the number of action points and sage fruit due to this issue.

Developers, PLEASE. Consider updating this for newer iphone formats.

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Wow, seriously? The Android version copes (okay, sometimes with varying degrees of success) with everything from 4:3 to 20:9…

(Journeys don’t render at the correct aspect ratio on 20:9, and some things don’t take advantage of wider aspect ratios, but the only time I’ve ever seen any UI occluded is when the navigation buttons “get stuck”… which might be an unrelated problem, or a OS problem, but since they aren’t supposed to be visible all the time, it’s not a UI layout problem.)

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Hey there, Wmarshall54. I’m sorry you are having some visual issues with your game. Could you please send a screenshot of your game to our team at Please include your support key and device information in the email as well.

Thank you!

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He will have to send a picture of your iphone 12 screen taken with another phone. Taking a screenshot does not show the “home swipe bar” or the earpiece bevel that blocks what he’s talking about. I have a 12 Pro and understand what you’re saying. Flip your phone the other direction so the earpiece bevel is on the left doesn’t block the dragon lineup in battles.