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Iphone 6 Crashing

App is still crashing most of the time on iphone 6 ever since the 1.7 update, everything is fully updating and ive reinstalled the app many times and tryed forgetting my wifi like you said to but still no joy :frowning:

click on dino selection screen, crash
click on dinosaur in selection menu, crash,
move up and down on selection screen, crash
click launch on drone, crash
click on any dinosaur etc on radar screen, crash
look around on radar screen, crash
click on battle menu, crash
click on my alliance screen, crash
click on my friends menu, crash
and try to request or donate anything, crash
not sure if ive forgot anything but thats the issues so far i can think of.
crashing during matches
really not enjoyable at the moment…

Its like the apps struggling to load and you tell this by looking at the spinning circle and shiny lines on boxes and radar screen etc which seem to slow way down and lag every second via a spin of the circle loader and shiny lines.

Please Help.

Thank You.


Thanks to the poster. Happens to me, too! Also using iphone 6. Game is almost unplayable now after 1.7.33 update. Crashes mostly during drone animation (loading) when darting.


Hey everyone, if you’re still having crash issues on your device, could you email our support team here at with your device information along with your support key? Thanks!

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It’s pointless posting this. We have the same problem with an account on iPhone 6. Has been going on since 1.7. Reported first day. Still the same.

This compnay is not interested in fixing this issue. They’re more interested in implementing ridiculous features in the game that don’t work and they are unable to fix.


yeah that was my complaint

This has been happening since around 1.5… I was told months ago it’s an issue with devices with 1g ram. I was told “we are working on this” months ago. It gets worse with each update, and I really feel that if it isn’t fixed, 1.8 will probably be completely unplayable

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Iphone6+ … It is impossible to launch the drone…

Same on one of ours too. Constant crashing.

Ludia response.
Our team is aware of the problem.

I guess there goal is to reduce the player base. Between boosts, daily bugs and this cant be increasing it.

Tried darting a marsupial lion this morning with my iPhone 6. App crashed 3 times while launching at the same animal. I gave up on her and moved on. It seems real bad with the new mammals

What ever changes they devs are are making on the fly there have prevented iPhone 6 users from darting altogether. Drone crashing everytime now. Yesterday it was about 1 in 10 crashes when launching drone. Now drone won’t launch at all. Cant dart a single grypo and even getting rewards from strike crashes the game. Can u please fix so players can get their grypo today. Don’t want to hear any support key requests. This is a known issue and something just changed to make it impossible to catch.


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I can understand your frustrations, @Dinocop, but please rest assured that our team is still actively looking into this issue.

They just made it worse whatever they just did.
Can they change it back?


Last night iPhone 6 would crash 1 in 10 times on drone screen. This morning iPhone 6 users are unable to dart at all as drone just crashes the game everytime. Whatever changes you made over night or this morning can you fix them. What’s the point of paying for VIP if I cant dart?

And I got to say from reading some of the employee reviews there about getting better pay like other companies. Your dev team is the worst. You cant do your own job and cant fix your own game. How is this game even on Google and iTunes? What kind of company makes changes on the fly to make the game unplayable. You should all be fired. Incompetence beyond belief.

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iPhone 6 and 6+ (I believe) only have 512mb of ram.

Which isn’t enough for this game.

I broke my iPhone 7, so tried playing using my “old”(!) 6 and JWA is unplayable as you guys have said. Now I have to only use my partner’s phone.

I’m sure quite a few of you folks including me have been experiencing numerous crashes and closures of the app while trying to dart dinos or leveling them up or even in random moments in the game. I’m not sure if it’s because the iPhone 6 is too old which I have (fully updated) or if it’s just an app issue. Does anyone know or could anyone help?

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Is it the phone. Every update it continually got worse. 1.7 has been terrible for but at least we could still dart until today. So ludia made some changes today prevent anyone on iPhone 6 from darting.

Now I’m crashing on every drone launch, strike tower completion, and battle completion. Practically unplayable today. What happened?!?

They changed something over night. I played until 200 am and was working. This morning cant dart at all. Common sense would tell anyone with half a brain in their head to change back what they just did.

Unfortunately not a lot of brain power at this company and they would rather tell u for the next 3 months rest assured they are aware. But never be able to fix the problem they just created when the real fix is right under their nose.

And to clarify these comments are not directed at any mods on here. But feel free to share them with whoever is responsible for making this change.

Exactly the same with marsupial lion, I still have 0 DNA because of the crashes.

Same here. I’m using iPhone 6. The game closes all the time. Unplayable.