Iphone 6 Update 1.7 Issues List For Ludia

Game (APP) Crashes on ; Drone Dart Loading Screens on both event and non event dino,s and mammals etc always.
When the game seems slugglish and lags as in loading times via circle loader on Radar Map and My Alliance etc.
Sometimes does it on Collection screen.
Random crashes after a match has finished.
And in matches.

Cannot collect Daily Mission rewards.

Matches Time Out in the middle of battles, hard to find matches as in times out always when looking for matches.

Iphone 6 gets abit warmer than it did before the update even with power saver mode turned on.


Same, got iPod with this IOS and it does exactly that

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Have the same issues…its crashing like every 3-5 minutes…timeouts before and during battles(than i see i just lost 70trophies when i was actually winning that game)
Darting is completely awful…hardly can get over 200dna from an anky g2, compared to before 1.7 when i was able to do 400 easily. And not even talking about epics with fast movement and unpredictable hotspots

Feels like ive been robbed when i think of the(not so much) money i spent on the game.

After nearly a year in game and being a leader of a quite good alliance im seriously considering quitting the game.(just like half of my alliance members)

I will wait for a fix to happen, mainly on darting, but if there wont be improvements soon i think i will need to move on.
This update just makes me sad :pensive::cry:


Go back to Pokemon go

This is still happening on my iPod even after the update. I play on my phone (samsung j6) but often do not have this. There i have it on my iPod. it works perfectly fine on my phone but crashes daily every time on my iPod. Please Fix this!

Hey Michael_Goddard, depending on your iPod model, it might not be compatible with the game. Our FAQ here has some more information: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?s=device-compatibility&f=ios-what-devices-are-compatible&p=all

My iPod is the latest (6). But still crashes

There has been an increased report of crashing with iPhone 6 devices, and our team is currently working on a fix, as well as improving the stability of other iOS devices with 1GB of RAM.

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Yeah the crashes are still occurring. Mainly when the Cenozoics are on the map. Otherwise the crashing is not as rampant when they’re not around.

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Hopefully the next update purely focuses on fixing this issue as new content seems to just make it worse


Said everybody, after every update.

My iPhone 6 crashes constantly when I select dinos to shoot at, switch between screens, try to upgrade dinos, battle, check tasks, etc. etc. this game is unplayable on iPhone 6 as it is. Please fix ASAP! Thx!

this is what we always say, but… no. they usually fix one or other bugs, and brings us new ones every major update.

bug fixing doesn’t seem to be a priority to jwa developers, because even with dozens of bugs, we are dozens of thousands of active players.