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Iphone xr stops loading at 17

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Bug Description:
loading stops at 17
Area is was found in:
loading the game
How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- loading
Step 2 - loading again and again and again
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:
every 3-4 days, so far de- and reinstalling helped, but not any more…
What type of device are you using:
iphone xr
Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
iphone 6 is working without problems in the same wlan

Try deactivating GameCenter and close the JWA app. Then restart JWA and log in again into GameCenter when that window pops up. If u did so, it should load normally again.

I‘m having this problem sometimes and solve it everytime with that way. Hope it‘ll work for u too. :pray::slight_smile:

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Did it work? Have u tried?

New iOS 13.1.3 has an update fix for app performance that uses Game Center. You might want to try updating to that also.

sometimes it works, sometimes not…
but its no fun to deinstall and reinstall the game every other day. and you need wifi, it does not install with lte !!!

today again - it stops loading at 17/25

I wasn’t talking about reinstalling, I meant u should try to disconnect from GameCenter, open the app again and then log in to GameCenter again, then it should load normally.

i do not use game center to log in
i use fb

Ok, then I‘m afraid it won‘t work.
But maybe u can somehow disconnect from fb, then re-open JWA and log back in to fb?

I would try.

i tried and it stopped again at 17/25
but thanks for at least trying to help me…

Ok, sorry, but at least we‘ve tried. Hopefully the support can help u.
This issue sure is extremely annoying and they couldn‘t fix it since many months. It also happens to me sometimes but that GameCenter thing always solved it so far.

Sorry it didn‘t work. :disappointed:

now i tried to disconnect in the settings. although you cant really disconnect i deactivated all possible buttons and after reactivating it worked

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