iPhone XS game won’t load! Virus or bad coding?

I had been playing the game earlier in the day. I try to log in and the screen was frozen. I shut down the game and tried to restart. It still wouldn’t load the game. I deleted it off my phone and went back to the App Store to redownlod it. It took forever but when it downloaded I tried to open it. This time the screen was black and I couldn’t close out of it at all. I also couldn’t do ANYTHING on my phone. I couldn’t even turn it off. I had to go in person to my cellphone company and they hard rebooted it. And told me you gave me a virus. WTH?!? This is the second time there has been a problem with you all not taking into consideration the newest iPhone. If it’s not compatible with a new phone SAY SO!!! I don’t even want to put this back on my phone and risk damaging a $1000 device. Are you kidding me?

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