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iPhone XS screen problem

I just got the newest iPhone and I can’t see the top of my screen with the camera cut out. It doesn’t let me see my coins or darts or cash. Is this game not optimized for the newest phones?

Or do I have to redownload the game. I just backed up my game from my iPhone 8. Any ideas? If I screen cap it the pics come out ok. This is so weird.

I noticed the same thing on the iPhone XS. Ludia will need to fix this defect in a future software update.

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Same issue in Xs and xs max

Having just updated my phone I now have a slight issue. Where the screen dips at the top it perfectly covers the display of coins/darts/money…

Is there any way to resolve this?

Same here with iphone XS Max. :frowning: don’t know how much i’m spending now.

Hey Stolie77, thanks for reporting this issue. Our team is aware of this and they’re looking into it.

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The developers need to properly set the top constraints for the in game top bar to account for the new iPhones.

I find it really annoying that I paid the 9.99$ and haven’t been able to see what I have. :disappointed_relieved:

Hello, I recently got my Iphone Xs and im suffering with the aspect ratio being too stretched… the upper tab that shows DNA, Cash and Coins is being blocked by the phone’s speaker and front camera, plus the game looks way less sharp and lower graphics quality than my previous iphone 7 … any ideas/thought ? please help me

Hey Ablani89, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue on your device. Sadly, the game is not fully compatible with the new iPhones yet, but our team is aware of this screen issue, and they’re looking into it. We’ll be sure to let everyone know once the game is fully compatible. Make sure to keep checking back on our forum and other social media channels for the most up to date news.


The game is not optimized for the iPhone X, XS or XS Max. I cant see my dna or any from the top, and the bottom is not working probably.

Hey Lydia, can you guys make an update compatible with the new iPhones? I just got the XS Max and now I can’t see the top of my screen. I have no idea how much money or cash I have. Please make the game compatible ASAP!

PS: if anybody found a way to fix it please let me know as well!

Easy to see what you have. Just move your thumb from bottom of screen like you’re closing app. You can then see the top as it gets smaller. Make sense?

Clever Girl…

Yes it does! Thanks a bunch! Best of luck in the game!

Hi everyone!!!

Decided to finally create an account, but ive popped in from time to time to check on updates for the game and topics. Does anyone know if ludia plans on doing some screen redesigns for iphone x and later users? Kinda annoying i cant see my money and coins plus the resolutions a little fuzzy.

Hi Everyone!!

Finally decided to create an account, but ive been on the forum plenty of times to check up on game info and such. Does anyone know if ludia plans on updating the screen res and dimensions for iphone x users? Kinda sucks everythings a little fuzzy and i cant see the money, coins and my dart count.

Yes. Coming soon.
Swipe up from bottom of screen like minimizing app and you can then see your stuff as the screen gets smaller.

looks amazing on the note 9 :+1:


Thats great, really annoying with the ear peace. I would have loved to move to a samsung but i have too much on the iphone from so many years☹️

I actually asked the same question to Ludia and their response is that it is being looked at and will be possibly fixed by the next major update!

Meanwhile what I do is swipe my thumb like as if I was to close the app and it shows me the coins, cash etc. Kind of a pain but it would do for now I guess!