IRex vs Tryostronix


Looking through the Leaderboard, I notice Tryostronix to be almost a staple for most of the top players while IndoRex is often missing. Why is Tryostronix favored over IRex? I get that IRex’s cloak is RNG but she seems to have a pretty good damage output. Tryostronix can have high damage output as well but RTC also requires a bit of lucky guess.

I’ve test out Tryostronix couple of times. She is stuck at level 23 because I can’t find enough Dimetrodon but I’ve found IRex to be a bit easier to control even though mine is only level 20. Would like to hear from players who have used both what their thoughts are on these two dinos.


I think the main thing with tryo is the immunity +shield break.

It can drop a same level Stegod and a MUCH higher level Trago without much issue. Stegod and Trago just happen to be some of the most overused dinos in the game, so obviously Tryo is a staple as well.

I am working on getting mine to 26, and will take it all the way to 30.


It’s because Noobodeus literally infests the entire game. And Tryostronix eats Noobodeus for breakfast, while Indominus rex happens to be one of the dinos countered by shields - something Noobodeus has.

She is also an immune creature, and with so many Utahsinoraptors, Paramolochs, Tragodistis and such around, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a non-stunnable creature.


All right, so this leads to the question of RTC. How do you accurately predict when to use it? Do you still find Tryostronix effective without the RTC?

I took Pyrritator off my team because I can’t time RTC right and she is not immune to being slowed (Tryo won’t have that problem, thankfully).


Against Tragodistis or other low-damage dinosaur, you use Ready to Crush + Defense Shattering. Or RTC + Ferocious + Defense shattering if you for some reason want to do that.

Usually you go Ferocious Strike + Defense Shattering Rampage. Only go for RTC + Defense Shattering when that crit would change the outcome and/or you have no other choice. That’s how I see it.

With Pyrroraptor, it’s a matter of “can I use it?”. Usually you won’t. But if there is a window for it, it’s devastating.


Earlier tonight someone used their prritator RTC against my raja at the same time I used instant invincibility. Needless to say my little raja got KO :joy::crazy_face:


But that’s because they were able to accurately predict that you would use Instant Invincibility :joy: I can never read people’s minds :rofl: Problem with Pyrritator is as long as you slow her down, she’s kind of done for


#pyrittatorcameinlikeawreckingball :joy::joy::joy::weary::weary::weary: