Iron requirements

I was wondering why it takes so much iron to upgrade buildings? I’m sure I’m not the only one to have thought “It takes how much iron for that?” Or “Why are there such high requirements for upgrading the buildings with iron?” The storage for the fish and wood is in line with what we need to build but the iron is not. I mean come on, 1000 iron to upgrade a building or 5000 iron to upgrade a building. Even at higher levels it didn’t take that much to build or level up dragons. That makes it unachievable to level up as it takes 630k in fish or 630k in wood to send a dragon to harvest iron. All the dragons that are lower requirements only give 1 to 8 iron. That is very little return for the amount of resources used. It make it so that once you hit a certain point in the game you can’t go any further even if you buy stuff. Or it makes buying a requirement. Can you please think about doing an adjustment to the iron levels and requirements in the next update? As a game builder myself, I know how much goes into these things, but you will ultimately loose customers/gamers as I did if you make things completely unachievable. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Wrong forum. Pretty sure you meant Titian uprising and not Jurassic World.

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Very true. I didn’t realize until I posted it that I was in the wrong one.

You need to find better iron havesters, i.e. ones that have better conversion rates. Check out the Rise of Berk Wiki for a full list.

On the subject of iron storage, how do you upgrade the storage from level 12 to level 13? You need 1.25G of wood, but the wood stock at its maximum level 22 only holds 1G.

You need to build the additional storage on Dragon’s Edge.