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Iron-Training Toothless

So, for every dragon I’ve looked at, when you have to send them off for training with Iron vs Wood, that training level takes about half as long as the last training session. With Toothless, for some reason, it suddenly takes TWICE as long to train him, currently 2 days, 9 hours versus 1 day 9 hours. Frankly this feels more like a punishment, and there are just too many things we have to do with Toothless between dozens of collections, quests, Journies, and Explorations, some of which have a limited time! You basically have to pick and choose and sometimes sacrifice events in order to advance in the game, and that really cuts into the fun. This should really be fixed to fall in line with the rest of the game.


We need to be able to purchase iron…having to collect wood and fish 500+ million of each to gather it is ridiculous… I have 9 drogons that i need a total of over 3000 to get them levelled up and i am not purchasing packs to get them. Really making me rethink playing this game…stuck with dragons between level 100 and 112…do something soon or you ate going to lose players

I have to think you’re doing something wrong… I had no problem getting past that point. Yes, it takes a little patience, but it was hardly “impossible”.

If you haven’t already, make sure to upgrade your storage (wood, fish, iron) and Mead Hall. If you need X dragons at level Y, try first training some dragons that have less training cost to meet those requirements so that you can upgrade.

Even at only level 112, you should have dragons collecting at 6M/hr to 9M/hr and should be able to get 500M wood/fish in about 6-12 hours. You should in turn be able to trade that for at least 200 iron.

Once you’re past the 112 cap, you should easily be able to pile up several G wood/fish and a few thousand iron per day.