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Irregular play

I have my dinosaurs at 14-15 level and in battle I find players whose dinosaurs do not surpass level 2 or 3 and with a play they beat me? How is this explained? , I went from 830 glasses to 660 in just a couple of games?
This is totally irregular, I need a solution.

Can you show us your team?


    May 26

Can you show us your team?

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I would suggest trying to find more speed for your team (probably Utahraptor or one of Owen’s raptors). Replace Carno or Concave with that. Other than that, I think you just need more hybrids, and about the lower level teams beating you, they could be stat boosted, or possibly adjust your strategy. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I would not level up your sino more… I mean unless its because you plan on using Sino forever. No need to level Sino, you need its dna for fusing hybrids later.