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Irresistible scent

“This powerful scent is synthesized to draw in Jurassic World’s best loved creatures”
I am not satisfied with this special event scent.

Please don’t tell me the JWA’s best loved creatures are the Wuherosaurus and the Diplocaulus or Imma just rage quit right now.

They are creatures people wanted to have hence wuerho because its exclusive I don’t get diplocalus tho.

Bleuh wueho🤮
Why would somebody vote for it?
I got too much wueho in previous lunar incubators.

I was hoping for an appearance from the elusive Para Lux

Diplocaulus is a useless zit

All I got was velociraptor over and over again. Saw one Quetzalcoatlus and one Tenontosaurus other than that.

Because it is exclusive. Because it has a legendary hybrid (which needs a buff). I’m hunting all the rare ones this week but I’m focusing more on Wuerho and Lion.

Wouldn’t it be Diplodocus?


Wuerho may not be the most desired DNA but it may be one day. I ignored all creature DNA that was not part of my team (including Tuojiango and I’m currently chasing it).

I’ve had an epic from each scent of opened I’ve opened three plus quite a few lion as the rares so not complaining .