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i keep getting opponents that are way more advanced than me.
even with my best dinos i have no chance at winning a battle. this is making me not like the game at all.


Follow the game tips: if your opponent is too strong; go outside, catch more dinosaurs and level them up! One day you’ll have an outstanding dino team… Just requires some time and efford.


Or do what i was forced to tank from 3Lockdown to 2 Badlands. I went 1 week without an incubator/win and had enough.


its still not fair
i have dinosuars that are six and seven being put together with ones that are one and two then i play with ones that are one and two and ive got level eight
theres no consistency with the way the games are matched up


i do have level six and seven already


Know what you mean! My level 5 -7 dinos being put up against level 10 and 11!
Also sucks as keeps taking points away for losing so going to be ages before getting to next arena! fume


This makes no sense. You can play hundreds of battles within a week and you lose trophies when you lose a battle so you should have dropped into the lower arena after about 20 battles.


Acceptablefreak Thank you! I just got put with a level eleven T. rex!!! I’ve been playing this game for like a week!! My highest level Dino is seven, I think. And it’s not a strong one. Arg. I just want a good fight not a win necessarily But real competition.


Lots of glitches to. Honestly this game idea is super cool. Way better than what I know of Pokémon which is the general comparison. I hope the bugs get worked out cuz once they get things more on an even paying field and fights don’t freeze or phantom or give u opponites theres no way u can win, then it’ll be great. I just hope I have the patience for it. It’s not like I can drive around all day parking at hot spots and catch dna. I do have a life.


Go to amc and get a t rex then. Problem solved


Yeah if it’s level eleven. Wooooo


Rares start at level 6 and epic at level 11 just so you know. And you will get 200 DNA for a t rex almost guaranteed. Boom level 11 trex


R u sure cuz I read the amc thing was a bust?


Look, obviously you cannot expect to find lvl 6 dinos on arena 3. EVEN on arena 2 it should be stretch by now. As the player base levels up the arena will naturally filter out. Stronger players will tier towards the top. Weaker newer ones will tier towards the bottom. The fact that you can get epic DNA from any Dino from any arena is enough for one not to worry about climbing arena ladders. This is a normal evolution of Pvp gaming. You don’t expect to have weaker teams up on top do you? Even if said weaker team plays 100x more than a stronger one, it does not replace the fact that the weaker team’s Dino is not up to the task of facing opponents around high tier.


Lol they lying I made a post about it like 2 days ago. Amc incubator is an amazing free thing. Like 30 dollars or more in value


Well when I got see Jurassic world movie, I’ll get it then lol. Maybe someone was having a tantrum idk.


So I got a reply from the game people, whoever they are. Lol. saying that the game play is based on your trophy level. I feel kind of stupid for fussing about it cuz that makes a lot of sense. I guess I gotta think more strategically.


I’m guessing they are talking about the Walmart one. Unless you get the cash prize, it isn’t worth it. It does give you like 200 coins or more and can be used every 15 minutes but still. And all the new players have t rex now who just started arena. That’s why it seemed unfair.


im in arena 7. i fight level 24,25,26 legendary hybrids, uniques, etc. my best dinos are level 20 IREX and level 20 velociraptor. i even use a level 12 utahraptor, level 14 pyro raptor and still win probably 60% of the time.


Go uprade your Dino’s