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Irritator : darting choice of the day

This week we have the return of one of the most look after rare : irritator! Since you can only get it from incubator and he makes a cool looking and serious contender magnapyritator, it’s a great opportunity to collect him. I would not be mad if you pick T-rex above him but since I see more t-rex than irritator on the daily my choice is made. Following my serie on Dino, let me introduce you the irritator :

Hope it helps!

For my last Dino recap : [Graphic] Not sure what to dart today?
To not miss any of my content :


This a great poster, with very useful information!


Lets hope that magna gets a buff in 1.6!


I used all 18 attempts on Irritator. My Pyrritator was still at level 18 before this event, so I was able to get her to 19 before running out of Pyroraptor DNA. I still have 834 Irritator left. Now we need another Pyroraptor event!

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After the graphic, the corresponding dart session ! :cowboy_hat_face:


Posting the “darting hot spots” is a genius idea!
I don’t think anyone has done that here yet!
Thanks for sharing @quakeur!


I thought Magna sucked. hehe I don’t habe enough dimometrodon dna to even begin, so I went all rexy 2.

At the moment he is not that strong (unless you can level him up to 26) but still a unique. He can be buffed at any moment who knows (Ludia?)

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I’ll create it someday, if not for battle at least for collection and it looks awesome! Just need so much dimometrodon DNA. And if it gets a buff, great!

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The tips here still apply for anyone interested. The darting hot spot haven’t changed.
There is a video too and I’ll post a new one as soon as possible.

Good luck everyone :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you sir. I remember it being pretty easy to dart. Very helpful to see it on a graph.

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First time seeing this. Thanks for reposting.:slight_smile:

If you dart any rare other than irritator I feel sorry for you, you will regret it later :slightly_smiling_face:

When I was maxing out my Suchotator I got so used to darting the gen 2 version of Irritator that the rare is easy peasy. I’m guessing the dart points are pretty similar.

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Used all my dating attempts on Carnotaurus, he’s a lot more rare for me…jk. Irritator all the way.

you cad, you!

Thought it would be fun to mess around.

Just kidding, it’s very easy to get 200 DNA per attempt. I’ll have that Pyrritator finally!