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Irritator DNA - Where has it gone?


I’m farming the Badlands in hopes to getting enough Irritator DNA so I can eventually get Pyrritator. Game claims that Irritator is the exclusive dinosaur for Badlands, but I have maybe got ~30 DNA from every incubator going from 2000-2500.

Is this a bug? Is arena exclusive dinosaur DNA just that difficult to get?

(and somewhat related, this also goes for the Monolophosaurus DNA in Badlands as well… seems to be extremely difficult to get through incubators)


I’m in Lockwood not badlands but I’ve had hardly any irritator appear recently as well. Probably 100 the past 30 or so incubators. Maybe Ludia are trying to make it more difficult. Really want magnapyratior


It takes me sometimes 2 weeks to get enough irritator dna for one fuse on my pyrritator. I guess that’s the irritating part. I’ll get magna next year at this rate.

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Would love to know what differences in DNA actually come from the various arenas. I get a mixed bag no matter where I’m at and the same handful of :poop: exclusives are the only ones I can rely on showing up. That and good ol Stygi of course.


i have 3600 pyroraptor and 4500 irritator. doesn’t seem super scare. i haven’t seen a dimetrodon in months though, so only level 18. or else i’d have magna by now :sob:


i get get it in spurts. usually from 3hr and 15min incs and im in arena 8. a few days ago i needed about 180 for a fuse on pyrritator so i battled and cash opened each incubator i got untill i had enough. now i have magna :grin:


Dont matter magnapirytor at 21 is bad, you need him at 27+ for not being oneshoted by random ibdoraptors. So start buying thousans of dollar in bills and opening arena incubators like crazy, thats why top guys have him so leveled


Maybe you’ve come across this info since your comment was posted but my understanding of the arena incubators is the dinos from each arena are in a “pool”. Meaning every time you advance to a new arena those dinos from the new arena are added to the “pool”. Therefore your chances of getting a specific dino goes down. HOWEVER you get more DNA from a higher arena level incubator. As an example, an arena level 2 incubator might give you 9 DNA of “xxx Dino” where an arena level 6 incubator will give you 30 DNA from the same “xxx Dino”.

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I think you summed it up well :+1:


The lockdown😐


Hopefully they add it as one of the dinos of the week soon. There’s a huge lack of irritator still.

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Don’t count on seeing Irritator anytime soon. That would upset the balance of the game and that won’t be tolerated. Then again, that just my opinion.


This is so irritating that the last fierce event week was 4 or 5 months ago


Also, easter week next week (?)


I can understand that causing some misbalance but honestly its draco causing the most inbalances right now imo.

Easter should have a colorful dino event. I’d like to see some Pyro, Irritator, Pyrritator, and last but not least some Magna. Of course some other uniques to spread it out and make tough choices.

Easter is different than St pats. Tbh St pats should of been flooded with coins for days mostly! Like triple coin days. And easter should have the unique legend event.

Sometimes I think I worked hard as ever for my uniques but I honestly don’t care after speaking with some other players… the more the better. Hopefully Easter is a good big reason to play!

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