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Irritator g1 rework

Never thought my first rework on a creature would be a rare but here are we are.

Health: 4000
Damage: 1000
Armor: 0
Crit chance:20%


Defense shattering strike
Group ferocious strike
Defense shattering impact


I know a lot of you will disagree with this but please here me out. Irritator is one the best damage buffers for raids but for it being a rare it’s pretty overpowered. I’ve seen a lot of lower levels using it for epics-apex raids and it could ruin lower arenas if the rest don’t have anyone to raid with and now that irrit spawns in the wild more lower levels can get it and use it for raids.

Yeah, lower lv players can use irritator for apex raids. But they would still have to get a team together that can handle the raid as well. It isnt an auto win card. And to make it viable in mortem raids specifically, it needs to either be boosted in hp to survive the attacks or overleveled a good bit. It may seem like an easy way to beat apex bosses, but it requires a good bit of investment. Which can lead to the player not obtaining/leveling up magna.


Irri should stay as he is now. Why should we lose such an amazing raider?


Exactly, i for one couldn’t use irritator on most Apex raids it’s just an unboosted level 15. People that use It as their raid dino put way more effort into It, it’s really not as accessible, it’s a global night spawn, it’s diluted so not really that easy to find and being at night not everyone would have time to hunt for It.

i wanted to try to lv up my own irritator past 15 to 20ish so it could survive a Motem crit, i caved and used that dna i collected (about 1600) to lv up my magna. It’s a big investment that a lot of people aren’t willing to take, especially if it’s going to cost them a good unique or lots of boosts. which is why you see tryo more often as it’s more arena viable.

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True, i think people that are using irritator are already max level players that coult have other options for the raids anyway

Good idea. What’s next to nerf? Dimorphodon?

Who cares if it’s good in raids? The AI? You’re literally only hurting people.

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