Irritator Gen 2 Incubator


I personally (and I’m sure others) think that the Irritator Gen 2 is in Incubator Capsules way too much. I have a level 14 Irritator Gen 2 with an extra 5750 DNA that I can’t even use because it cost too much to upgrade him. I just think there should be a bit more of variety in the Incubator selection of dinosaurs. That’s all, thank you for your continuous work on the game and improving it for us. I love your game. Hope this reaches you all!


Irritator gen2 DNA is for fusing Suchotator and Diplotator, not for evolve itself.
And…still better than Stygimoloch gen2 DNA.


Would never complain about DNA that makes hybrids. Not only is Suchotator a good wounder it also has nullify to counter long shields and dodge.

I’m still annoyed at myself for wasting my Irritator gen 2 on Diplotator. Much worse common DNA comes out of arena rewards.