Irritator gen 2 spam

Ludia needs to take irritator gen 2 back off the map nobody needs irritator gen 2

People with suchotator do


I get plenty from incubators, so no I don’t need irritator gen 2…

There are a few too many for sure and I’m close to 70000. A little more balance would be nice. Had 4 within range earlier today.

Agreed. I have 65,000 dna

I actually ran out of Irritator G2 a bit a couple days ago. I’m not able to farm the darn things because I’m at work and my lunch doesn’t afford me good hunting grounds since not only is it winter but we’ve also been having a steady stream of freezing rain for several days now.

I’m always hoping I get the darn thing to pop up in range of my work on my breaks but that’s a pretty tall order.

So help me, I WILL get my Suchotator to 30… (currently 25).