Irritator Gen 2


Does anyone know where the Irritator Gen 2 hangs out near by? (Parks, come see out at night, etc). I really need him but I never see him! And he’s a common.

Some are waaaaaay more common than other commons which is pretty silly.


He’s Arena Exclusive … so I guess you can only get him from Arena Incubators. Never seen him outside.

But yeah, some “Commons” really are more rare than some “Rares” … I’m for example seeing tons of Dimetrodon/Triceratops/Gorgosaurus and especially 2nd Gen Koolasuchus, but Suchomimus/Tanycolagreus and many 2nd Gen Commons are sooo rare.


I always see Suchomimus somewhere around river, maybe they just easier to find in some environment.

And some common creatures may separated to different subarea, just like Monolophosaurus gen2 & Dilophosaurus gen2. Both are very common at night, but just never appear in the same place.

But for Irritator gen2, I’ve never see it on map.


Irritator and its Gen 2 counterpart are Arena exclusives… when you click the arena you get to see the reward dinos and there is a special exclusive Dino for each arena - hence, don’t think you can find each in the wild :frowning:
I do realise different dinos are more common in different areas - I am staying on mainland and found the armored and rex variants more common… when I enter the island found more long necks and runners…


You can only get her from arena incubators, but worry not, since she is one of the most common DNAs you can get from those incubators. However let me warn you, if you are trying to make suchotator… save your money, your time and yourself from headaches, that hybrid is not really worth it :slight_smile:


Youll be sick of irritator 2 when youve been in arena 6 for a while. I’ve amassed 5896 DNA now just from incubators.

Tancy is area based.

My worst common is ophiacodon. I’ve found 3 so far.


I am trying to hybrid him but dang if it’s not worth it, why try? Thanks everyone! Super helpful


Hmm, Ophiacodon is one of the more rare Commons, but I encounter a few in the city every day. Usually ignore it. XD


Ophies are all over the place here, the same with bloody Sarcos. Both are pretty much useless on a team once you get to arena 2.

I was out the other day, and the area I was hunting in was positively CRAWLING with ophies and sarcos, and hardly anything else.