Irritator (rare) in the wild please ludia


Please oh please ludia make this Dino available in the wild not only in incubators and special events


He is available. He’s just really hard to find. I have found him 3 times. So far I have found him in the woods near streams and occassionally near a Rec company.


Irritator is only good for fussing Pyrritator. I got plenty of Irritator DNA, just not enough Pyroraptor . . . . .


Omg he’s not really rare he’s an arena exclusive :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve never seen it outside of incubators or events I really need it very frustrating :rage:


Next time you find one, take a screen. I will be really interested (and Ludia too I guess).

On a more serious point, it’s a special dino, just as galli or stygy. Some dino are meant to be rarer. I’m in need for it too, but it’s okay, I can let people who are spending a lot to have some benefits :sweat_smile:


Agreed. Better luck finding that crazy dino. So far the most common I have seen is the gen 2


would it really be an irritator if it was easy to get?


You could say the same thing with the megasuchus before the update. They added a whole new group and started rotations with appearances too.


Depends…I really want more Irritator because it’s an Irritator. ^^


You just have to keep fighting in the arena and get incubators. I usually get about 15-20 Irritator DNA a pop.