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Irritator strat for Mortem

Anyone want to do this strategy with me, please?

I have the irritator.

Dinos in the video:
Maxima: 8977 HP - 1672 DMG - 110 SPD
Tenrex: 4081 HP - 1723 DMG - 109 SPD
Tuora: 5053 HP - 1652 DMG - 126 SPD

Edit: Just to let you know this strategy relies on RNG so in may and probably will take multiple attempts.

Feel free to add me to friends:
Dilox #0240


Happy to join if you get someone with Toura and Maxima. I can only offer Tenonto.

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I’m keen, I only have the tenrex though well boosted. Colourblind1 #0597

Can help with my Tuora 29 10/10


What’s your in game name? I’ll add you to friends @Pirulass

He crit’d on every other hit. :man_facepalming:

I’ll start it again

You, me and @Pirulass would just need a Maxima.

pirulas #2715

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Mayby the gut who fought with us a minute ago will fight again?

Maybe you add me to friend? Can’t seem to send a request :confused:

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You’ll have to guide me. I havent done this strat yet

request sent

That Thor speed is insufficient

yeah, he had a maxima in his team but can’t tell him to pick it

Wish there was better way of communication in-game

happy to try again

Me too. I really want to take this morty down
Haven’t done that ever yet

I’m still free. Just tried in another lobby but was unsuccessful again.