Irritator DNA is so hard to get as you can only get it from incubators since it’s arena exclusive, and even if you do get it from an incubator, it’s barely any DNA. Please, please, please have an Irritator event or just make it fit into the spawns somehow. Thanks :slight_smile:


We had him as Dino of the Day before … that’s why mine is almost LV 15 for fusing.


Mine’s level 14. Don’t forget how much the fuses use up as well. You also said “We had him as Dino of the Day before” we had Blue before (which I missed). So it’s clear that Ludia don’t mind repeating events.


Mine is level 15 with 265 dna… so after this weekends event should be able to start fusing but it will take forever because it’s 200 dna per fuse :weary:


Soooo long to get the DNA just for it to be used up soooo quickly…


Opposite problem.
I’ve a mount of Irritator DNA I can’t use to fuse, 'cause Suchomimus is extremely rare in my area and Diplotator doesn’t seem so much attractive. It’s frustrating the only guaranteed DNA from incubators it has really to be Irritator’s.


Opposite Irritator. There are two of them. OP obviously means the rare one.


This one is not about 2nd Gen dinosaurs, cause they are mostly not worth.

It’s the normal one you need for legendary Pyrritator.