Is 2.14 meta more diverse?

looking some creatures, and watching some videos, it seems to me a “meta” team can be very diverse now, isn’t it? seems that many dinos can be choosen, other than those obvious same team as with other metas.

or is a worng impression?

arctovasilas, ankylos lux, mortem rex, parasauthops, indotaurus, refrenantem, scorpios rex 3, hydra boa, albertospinos, spinoconstrictor, skoonasaurus, ardontognathus, andrewtops… some still using monolorhino, phorurex…


well im still running mrhino btw im med aviary but she still holding its way trought it her and my parasauthops are deadly together also another member i love in my team is my indotaurus even being lvl 21 its already very strong he will be 23 after ac and he is already boosted decently while my mrhino and parat are both lvl 23 and very boosted


While not as diverse as it could be, this is the most diverse the meta has been in a while, with well over 15 creatures being able to provide at least some usage endgame. Along with the creatures you listed, options like Troodoboa, Antarctovenator, Stygidaryx, and possibly Quetzorion and Compsocaulus make for solid team members.


I would highly disagree.

If you have a look at the top teams you see that there are exactly 8 creatures with a usage above 60%, none in the range from 40% to 60% and only two in the range from 20% to 40%. All the other creatures have a usage rate below 2%. This means the meta persists only of 8-10 meta relevant creatures.

The only reason why you have the impression that the meta is now more diverse is that the meta changes too fast and the players in the middle and lower arenas can’t adapt fast enough.


I definitely feel like the meta has gotten “larger” with plenty of other creatures but even then those creatures are still going to be used over and over again with little variety


Definitely a more diverse meta
You have at least a dozen creatures that are viable in the top arena and can nana for diverse teams
Unfortunately the meta isn’t as diverse as I would like
Viable creatures are Arctovasilas, Ankylos Lux, Mortem Rex, Albertospinos, Scorpios Rex Gen 3, Troodoboa, Ardontognathus, Refrenantem, Hydra Boa, Gorgotrebax, Indotaurus, Andrewtops, and Parasauthops.
Stygidaryx, Hadros Lux, Monolorhino, Antarctovenator, Poukandactylus Spinoconstrictor, and Phorurex are also very good


Nearly every match I have is the same one - Ref, Hydra Boa, Trebax, Paras, Phorurex, Scorp3, Indot, Skoona. Some teams have an obvious placeholder that will go once they receive the boost reset token - Tenonto, Ceramagnus, MRhino. I’m in Gyrosphere.

Ref and Hydra Boa especially have no problem taking down multiple creatures 3 levels below them (esp. Ref) since their buffs, just as long as they have boosts on them.

For as great as Andrewtops is, I have yet to see a single one outside the tournament. Stygidaryx is incredibly rare. I’ve only ever seen about 3-4 other Poukandactylus users besides myself in over 1k battles (which is super disappointing, but I suppose when Skoona has a full counter AND a 2x move, Poukan with her 1x5 move isn’t as appealing).


would it be thanks to boost reallocation cost? and for some creatures, lack of being at team level?

I don’t think so. These values are based on the top 50 teams. Those players usually are able to immediately adapt to the meta as they have enough DNA and boosts.
The lack of resources is the only reason the lower arenas seem to be a bit more diverse at the moment (mainly because the Apex already everybody had maxed out are top tier again).
But the direction is clear. Everybody will now work on the same 8-10 creatures and it is only a question of time till also the lower arenas will look exactly the same.

Everyone is playing catch up to those that sold kidneys to purchase DNA…

Next month it’ll be back to normal…

…4 months on and we’ll all catch up… just before the nerf :slight_smile:

Yeah I think it’s the changeover that makes it appear more diverse (assuming you are talking about Shores). I looked at the top 100 last week and the main 8 were way clear of the rest, more so than any time in the last year. I only expect hydra to move into the top 8. Maybe ardontognathus as more people unlock it and if skoona continues to fade, but that’s still some time away.

Down in the bottom of Aviary and top of the Estates there is a better variety of different creatures being played although Thors tend to be the 1st creatures thrown out probably due to flocks.