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Is 2.9 Antarctovenator a potential Tyrant candidate?

The 2.9 update has brought forth 3 buffs to everyone’s favorite habitat destroyer. 2 Direct Buffs and 1 Indirect Buff.

  1. Attack Buff

Her attack was improved my 50 (From 1150-1200). This isn’t an enormous buff but it is helpful.

  1. Revenge Definite Rampage

Her Definite Rampage gained a revenge version which gives her amazing Turn 1 damage (As long you have revenge).

  1. Overhaul of Resilient Moves and Changing Vulnerability Resistances

In my personal experience, Antartctovenator suffered from being slowed. Once it lost its speed advantage it usually only got one hit off before dying. Out of all the Uniques and Apexs, Antarctovenator and Testacornibus were the only two creatures to use Vulnerability before 2.9. During this time, an absurd amount of creatures had Vulnerability resistances. More creatures without a resistance benefits it. It also has a Vulnerability immunity making it good against resilient moves.

These buffs could be the edge Antarctovenator needed to be pushed from High Elite to Tyrant.

More time and experience will probably be needed to make an accurate placement

What are your thoughts?


I wouldn’t say it’s Tyrant but just high elite, now you want to max out it’s damage for revenge, but then 10 speed only makes it at 130, and 10 hp puts it at 6k, it’s still in the same position of how do you boost it to function properly.


Yeah have to agree it probably just went from like high elite to the top of high elite.

Honestly this thing needs a speed buff, even mammolania is faster with 115( imo It shouldn’t be that fast, outspeeds almost all fierce but i digress). With a parent with 125 It could have around 117 or something. The buff is great but It still needs something.


Easy……anything other than R.I.F, like remove that and play around with the kit. For example give it SV. That solves both its damage output and speed control with its low speed. Get rid of Vul impact for cunning impact since SV already has that covered. Finally give it taunting shields in stead of ferocity or give it ferocious strike. You can change the stats around accordingly.

So something like :

  • superior vulnerability
  • cunning impact
  • taunting shields/ferocious strike
  • Revenege Definite rampage
  • medium nullifying counter

Since It has both shields and ferocity, there’s even a case to be made on giving It ferocious defence or a priority version of It in place of RIF. The kit you suggested is really good. A lot could be done with It actually. It could have a full slowing counter and have cunning strike and distracting impact on the kit, focusing more on distraction. Another option is mix artarc and diplov counter into an slowing shattering counter, that would be an interesting signature counter for It. Tho to avoid making It op It may need adjustments in stats, but i like the Idea If it’s done right. This dino has great potential for a cool moveset


Antarctovenator In my opinion has always been extremely underrated even before this buff. It’s moveset has a work around for anything an enemy might try to prevent damage, plus the multiple damage buffs too. If not tyrant it’s at the very tip of high elite after 2.9. I’d say it’s prevented from tyrant only due to its speed


Not gonna lie revenge instant ferocity isn’t too good and can be replaced with something else. Something I’ve wanted for a long time was for antarctopeltas taunting shields and rif to combine into an instant/revenge version of ferocious defence.

I would say:

Superior vulnerability
Instant ferocious defence
Distracting Impact
Revenge Definite Rampage

Maximal Nullifying Counter