Is 5* purple razorwhip available?

The 5* razorwhip is not in the book of dragons, but it shows in breeding. Is it available?

Hey Talisax, there should be a 5* Razorwhip in the Book of Dragons. :smiley:

@Ned I think he means the other 5* Razorwhip as there is only 1 in the book but 2 different 5 * as possible partners.

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Yes, some are saying it will be a.legendary which makes sense

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That is exactly what i had in mind @TheLich

I’ll ask our team about it.

If we get more information, I’ll be sure to give you an update. :slight_smile:

Update: The dragon will be added in the future.


It will most likely be Windshear~

Throwing my chips in to guess the 2nd secret Champions of Berk dragon might be Grump, considering the introduction of the Hotburples. We’ll have to see.