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Is 50% Crit Reduction Resistance Pointless?

In the past, I’ve posted about how useless having 50% deceleration is. You can find the article here, explaining my full thoughts. Well, we found another one folks. This one is a bit more niche, but has a lot fewer excuses: crit reduction resistance. Specifically, having 50% or 75% crit reduction resistance. For the record, this issue does not exist for creatues immune to crit reduction.

As I understand it, crit reduction resistance works by reducing the amount that your crit chance is lowered. The main crit chance reducing moves (in fact, they seem to be the only crit chance reducing moves) are cunning attacks, which reduce your crit chance by 100%. So if your opponent uses a cunning move that decreases your crit chance by 100%, but you have 50% resistance to crit reduction, your crit chance only goes down by 50%. So if your crit chance is 30%, 30% - 50% = negative 20% (counted as 0%) crit chance. I might be misunderstanding it, so correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to be what I’ve observed for the most part. If I am wrong, you can probably ignore the rest of this. Already you might be seeing the problem here. No creature in the game has a crit chance this high: none even have a crit chance above 40%. Some creatures can increase their critical hit chance, but as far as I can tell the only one with the ability to do this that has this resistance is Tryostronix, and it can only get its crit chance up to 50%. 50% minus 50% is still 0%. And even THAT doesn’t even matter here, because cunning attacks ALSO remove crit increases, so all that really matters are the base crit chances. So why have a 50% resistance to crit reduction in the game at all, like these eleven creatures do? For reference, here are the eleven creatures:

Unlike other cases, I honestly could not find a single use for this level of resistance. Even taking raids into account, you could boost a teammates crit chance above 50% using something like “Ready to Crush”. But “Ready to Crush” and cunning attacks cancel each other out (cunning removes crit increases and “Ready to Crush” cleanses crit reduction), so they never actually interact directly in the game. Even here, only the base crit chances matter, and none of the creatures with a 50% resistance to crit reduction have a crit chance high enough to be above zero after being reduced, making this resistance level absolutely pointless in the game right now. Who knows though- the debuff does say “No critical chance” when it applies, and it’s not wrong, so maybe this was their intention? But that brings us back to the question of why they would even bother giving these creatures this resistance at all? My suggestion to fix this is simple: just increase all 50% crit reduction resistances to 75% or 100%, that way they actually do something more often. Keep in mind that a 75% resistance still results in a 25% reduction in crit chance. So only Maxima (of couse) would have a crit chance high enough to still be above 0% after being reduced. The only creatures that currently have a 75% crit reduction resistance are the Indoraptors, and both have base crit chances of 20%, so even they would need increases to 100% crit reduction resistance in order to get any use out of this resistance.

You’re probably wondering why I put so much thought into such a relatively insignificant issue. Of course, I understand that there are much bigger fish to fry, like Maxima or resilient attacks. But for me, oversights like this really highlight Ludia’s mindset when they designed this update. It’s like they added moves or resistances that sounded fine at first glance, but didn’t actually do any testing to see if it actually mattered or did what it was supposed to. Yes it was a huge update, but so many features just don’t have a function a lot of the time. And the more I look for them, the more I find: like the previously mentioned 50% decel resistance, or fierce attacks being functionally identical to defense shattering attacks when on vulnerable-immune creatures. Luckily, these are all very fixable “issues”, so I don’t think it would be hard for Ludia to eliminate these kinds of redundancies. The problem now is that you just can’t balance a game if you don’t fully test and understand these interactions and identify these redundancies. For example, what if they weakened some aspects of Tryostronix (like removing ferocious strike, for example) assuming that it would make up for it with a 50% resistance to crit reduction and a “stronger-than-defense-shattering” fierce rampage - failing to realize neither of these effects actually matter for Tryo, so it ended up being too weak as a result. If things like this happened, they could have significant consequences, and at the very least would be worth re-examining or rebalancing. Well, I’m looking for these redundancies; because at some point, somebody has to notice them.


I think even immune creatures get their crit chances reduced even though their immune

Are you sure that you’re doing the math right? I think you’re confusing the percentage chance of landing a crit with the percentage reduction of the percentage chance of landing a crit.

If you take the 30% crit chance example, 100%-50% is 50%. 50% of 30% is 15%.

Edit: never mind, I checked. It works as described in the original post.

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Yes that’s the case but that’s not the case in game bit weird

Are you sure? So it says that the crit chance is 0% on those creatures after being hit by a Cunning move? That’s weird.

Always happens cause when I use indominus (which is rare) it gets hit by cunning and loses crit chance also happens to others cause I think that a Tryostronix was hit with it and it has res I think it lost its crit chance

Yeah I was wondering about that too. I thought that it might work out that way, but if that was the case anything that resisted crit reduction at all could never have it hit 0%, but my Maxima did.

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