Is a 75% chance at hitting back to back rampages excessive?

This dinos moveset seems like a miscalculation


Leave my newly formed green chicken alone :cry:


@Hersh i thought we were friends!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Just kidding. I think it is, and I can say that as someone who is about to level it to 26. Rememebr this video?

Too strong.


No, in my opinion the moveset was better last patch when it could impact on turn one, send a dino to his grave and 99% of the time hit the second with the rampage and the run, switching from the battlefield with all the health saved up. Now, even if the base damage has been buffed, is more difficult to kill a dino because of the only 1x move possibility on turn one. So it has to take a hit and can be “countered” a little bit better. The second rampage is here to balance the total damage output of the four moves. We can discuss about the base damage that maybe is a bit too high (1370 - 1400 would have been also great) for a creature like it, but not about the moves.
Credit: a dilorach lover :joy:

My main problem with this dumb dinosaur is that it has too much attack and too much speed with the kit it has.

If it wasn’t 129 speed but 125-127, I could live with it. But it has like no truly bad matchups, and that is an issue.

Well, maybe Touramoloch, but it’s an awkward one, because the best rotation from Touramoloch is impossible because the way stuns and superiority strike react with eachother.

So superiority strike into stunning impact into slowing impact is not a great option.

And with slowing impact into stunning impact into impact and run, you kinda, well, not deal maximum damage.

Also, whoever thought giving a fast unique superiority strike needs to be slapped across the face :roll_eyes:


I’ve always thought this thing was ridiculously OP, even for a unique. Nerfing the distracting impact to a strike did little to “balance” it. Actually, I’d be fine with it - if it’s speed got dialed back a bit.


Greater stunning rampage should be greater stunning impact.



For toura, slowing impact + counter attack, then gsi, followed up by iar seems to kill it.

I think.

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Or rampage and run should be impact and run…

Rampages would take time I imagine and it would be hard to run after such a physically exhausting activity

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I like rar. It sets up counter plays. Ive died more than once to a swapped in mega/tryko with rar. If its changed to iar, id just use gsr which would leave me safe. This way, rar is high risk high reward. Gsr is too much good all wrapped up in one.

Just my opinion.

Btw, tryko is good vs it too. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone lol.

Edit: and i love your explanation :joy::joy::joy:

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Probably. I need to test that in action.

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You know what, stegoceratops is a great counter to it.

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Touramoloch can kill green chicken, but the problem is:

How many people use touramoloch, and how many people use green chicken?

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It gets killed badly by a same level stegoceratops. Monostego with the stun buff can be a great counter too.

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Slowly raises hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
I use Touramoloch

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How do you feel about tuora? I’m halfaway to unlock it but i heard mostly bad things about him…
I would like to test him however because i like it on paper

She can hold her ground pretty well. Counterattack for the cheeky kills, three impacts, lots of health, great flexibility.

She can kill or severely wound a Stegodeus to the point whatever comes in can chew up Stegodeus.

She is good against both Utarinex and the Radioactive KFC chicken (Diloracheirus)

She can box an Indoraptor through the whole Evasive Stance, leaving Indo to die by your next creature. If you are lucky outright kill her.

I think why people dislike her is that she is not a finisher, but rather a juggernaut. Has lots of hp, semi-high damage and strolls through entire kits. Now, not necessarily she will murder the thing, but leave a bloody mess after herself, so the next dino can have a great snack.

I won’t mind a minor buff, like a swap in slow, but she is pretty decent as is. Is she the best unique? Not by a longshot. Is she good? Hell yes!

Tbh she is such a criminally underrated dinosaur.

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Glad i found someone who appreciate it ahah. I think i’m gonna try it when unlocked (hope soon but i hate alanqa from battle incubator now, hoping for stygimoloch event next week). Undecided between him, monostego and stegocera to keep and level up

Leave my L24 green chook/turkey alone. Can’t wait to level it up to L25.
“If you don’t slow me down, you’re kaput”

laughs in Touramoloch