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Is a lvl 30 Indominus to much for my lineup

Hey I was wondering if a lvl 30 Indominus was to much for my lineup as I don’t have all the legendary creatures unlocked to get other legendary hybrids Indominus was my first ever legendary hybrid and I really want to get it to lvl 40 in the future but for now a lvl 30 would be great. Here’s my lineup currently. Feel free to respond.

Lv.30 Indominus rex is too much jump form lv.20 (5595F to 8528F gen1 ) and your gap between Lv.20 indominus rex and Pterodactylus is too much .


@Nonthawath_777 so how much longer do I have to wait until I can get a lvl 30 Indominus?

I think you should stop until you get enough dinosaurs for supporting indominus rex.

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Like what?

For example in my line up you will see other dinosaurs that has ferocity nearly I rex

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Ok one that’s a nice lineup you got there 2.your saying that I should get creatures that are stronger than my lvl 20 Indominus and then I can get a lvl 30 Indominus @Nonthawath_777

Evolve Tapes :point_down:

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@Flavio_Camargo ok I do plan on maxing it

@Ironman4life I mean you should work on dinosaurs that are weeker than lv.20 I rex( ferocity from 4500 -5500) to close the gap between vip and I rex.

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@Nonthawath_777 ok I do plan on maxing every creature I have unlocked starting with rares then super rares then legenaries and then tournaments and so on

depth about quality :face_with_monocle:


@Flavio_Camargo yes and I am trying to work on my depth because I really really want bigger and better creatures

just be careful with the ferocity balance.

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Ok I just really want 2 lvl 30 Indominus but I know that I have to balance out my lineup so I will be working on the depth.

I’ve been fairly conservative in leveling up my creatures, but here’s my lineup. I have not taken my Indominus rexes past 21, yet. I give you this as an example


I think everyone understands the desire to make bigger badder stronger dinos but it definitely pays to be patient and to try and keep things balanced out a bit.

The problem being you really don’t have anything else remotely close especially other carnos to match up with and or take the parent creatures places.

Balance and Depth are key, the rest will come easy after that.

Just my carnos, lvl 30 I-rex isn’t even on my radar yet. Got a ways to go.


How long have you been playing?


I am back and I have semi upgraded my lineup