Is a refund possible?


Unfortunately I was stupid enough to spend real money on this game after realizing some of the top ranked players likely hacked the game. Progress in the arena is nearly impossible unless you keep buying yourself a stronger squad.

So if I delete my account, is a refund possible?


Let me understand this! You spent real money and because there is a possibility of hackers you want your money back! Not a proven fact but simply because you believe there are!

Ok! I want my money back too but because there are people out there with higher dinosaurs than me and that is not fair! I spent money and no one should have a higher dinosaur than me!


Yes it’s possible. I got my refund about 3 weeks after I emailed support.


May not be proven but there seems to be enough evidence from internet searches that show people hacked this game for resources before it was caught.


Yes, you can get a refund. This is from the in-game terms of service:


Sent to Apple support. Thank you!