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Is a refund possible?


I accidentally bought the 10x basic draft when trying to claim my free one. I lost 1k because of this and I was wondering if I could somehow get them back? Would submitting a support ticket work?

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I sent a ticket and after two days I receive reply saying that “we can’t undo this purchase. But for this one time, and one time only, we will return you half your spent resources.”


They should really add in a confirmation for all purchases, I haven’t had this happen to me yet, but I don’t want it to happen ever!!


I have also been burned by this


I hardly doubt this could work, but if you bought something with runes that you didn’t want, then you could always harass Ludia for it back! :grin:

@Marcus, A confirmation for all purchases is a feature that really should be added into the game, these accidents are happening to quite a few people, I’ve been careful not to click and buy any basic drafts with my runes, and any other draft in that matter, but I don’t see why I even need to worry about that.
I hope this feature gets added!! It’ll be a shame to waist runes on something you didn’t want!!

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I’ll bring this up to the team and see if we can do something!



Thanks, that would mean a lot!! :blush: