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Is acrocanthops good? How would you boost it if so?

Is acrocanthops good and how do you boost it if it is? I see it on some top teams on the leaderboard and I am now asking the question.

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its pretty good ngl, it has a good amount of attack so focus on attack
Its also pretty slow at 112, so boost its speed to a minimum 128 - 130

Only boost this creature if you have the boosts and time
If you have better unique creatures, I would recommend them first


Acrocanthops is one of the best legendaries in the game, almost as good as dracoceratops. It’s a chomper: very high attack, above average health, low speed, and defense shattering capabilities. It’s good because it’s faster than other chompers, so you don’t need to speed-boost it as much as you would for Thor or Mortem Rex.

It’s Mid Elite on Gamepress’s 2.5 tier list, but it might be High Elite now.


I’m only starting to get uniques lol. I have indo and I will have tenrex by the end of the AC. I see some acrocanthops in top teams.

What boost strat would you put on it?

Acrocanthops is great because it has good damage at level 16 Fair amount of health and slow speed. If you boost it a lot, the damage gets better and at level 30 with max attack. The rampage goes to 6,000. So I’d say it’s pretty good. You’ll need a cunning or anything that distracts to beat it.

Oh dude no worries, you’ll get uniques fast enough

The reason the top teams have it cause they’ve finished their main good team…they’re just trying to burn coin by maxing it out, don’t follow em to the T. There’s a reason they have their uniques LV30

If u can, show me your team…and then I could probably judge how to use it

I would boost either the speed or health really. Attack doesn’t matter as much because it already has tons of attack.

definitely needs speed, attack and health’s no prob…altho keeping it as a side project aside would be good for him…uniques would help him much more

This is my team.
Screenshot_20210529-224806_JW Alive

everything’s good…get rid of spinotasuchus, its bleed’s good but its very fragile for a level 16

Erlikogamaa or Sarcorixis would be much better, put them in if u want to

At this point, yes u can work on acrocanthops…you’ll get uniques later

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Not a bad team. Indoraptor at 14 is questionable but I guess let it slide off. Overall okay team. Might not be the most balanced but it’s alright.

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Ya. It takes me forever to level up.

Ya. I noticed that part…

I got my indoraptor at like level 18 lol.

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I see these lvl 20 players with lvl 20 and 21 creatures and here’s me.

not ur fault, matchmaking’s broken

I almost got all of he uniques anyways. Not gonna get gemini soon because it’s hard to unlock and not getting the new unique bc it’s hard to get as well kinda. Not getting skoona either soon.

It really is. I responded to another thread talking about my pvp today.


considering the daily’s Diplo DNA, I’d assume u woulda unlocked gem by now

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