Is Alankylosaurus worth the 40,000+ coins it’s going to take to create?


I’m F2P and coins are more precious than Monolophosaurus DNA. Is this Dino worth the :moneybag:? I’ve heard it’s a flying Tragodistis. I’ve got a Level 20 Trag (do I want an extra level 16?) We probably won’t be able to get more DNA for this bird for a long time now. Where others (like Stegodeus and Tragodistis) we can always collect DNA for.


I suppose ultimately whether its worth it or not is going to come down to personal choice as to whether you feel it is or not. Would it have a spot on your team if you did make it and possibly got it up a few levels? Or are you trying to collect them all? If anything, it appears to be a tankier tank than Tragodist with the swap in invincibility, and short defense in place of the stun…plus a lil more hp than a same lvl Tragodist with equal attack (in exchange for slightly less armor).


Having fought Alankylosaurus at the strike event, I don’t find her to be all that impressive. I managed to get mine to level 19 but with a level 23 Tragodistis in my team as it is, it doesn’t make sense for me to use her. If I can level her to the same level of my Tragodistis then yes, but I’m not at the Estates where they give her dna out as exclusive dino so my Alankylosaurus will stay at her late teens for a while


Same here @Idris
Mines pushing 19 and will probably get close to 20 (:crossed_fingers:t4:) after Sunday. Even if I can evolve her to 20, I won’t just because all my other players are much higher than she is. I’m nowhere near Lockwood right now and even when we get there, she’ll be competing with all the other incubator exclusive Dinos.

It’s nice to have, but I wouldn’t spend the extra coin to level her up unless if you’re a new player who can take advantage of all the free alanqa going around these last 2 weeks and would benefit from a level 17-18 lengendary.

I’m keeping all my benched legendaries at 19 and I’ll evolve them if they ever release unique hybrids I can use them for.


I have a similar challenge with Monomimus. At level 20 she’s still catching up to everyone else in Ruins :laughing:


I have Trago at level 20 and recently i unlocked and put in my team Alan AG level 16, and surprisily it gave me a lot of victories, more than i was thinking, depends what creatures are u fighting and how did u use it, i think i played really well with it.
so that’s my experience, i’m also a f2p player :slight_smile:


I’ve replaced my lvl 19 tragodistis with an 18 alankylosaurus. I like it more, if only for the swap in invincibility. The main downside with it is it doesn’t have a counter attack, but tragodistis only has .25, so it’s not like it did much damage anyway. Having a long invincibility AND a short defence is nice too.

So, I’d say it’s worth it, if you have the DNA. I had a ton of Ankylosaurus DNA stock piled.


Pvp becomes a 10mins match now


I agree - L19 Tragodistis out, L19 Son of Alan in; hoping to get it to L20; 1 more Alan to collect and then Sunday’s event; plus still have a strike event that’s guaranteed 20 epic dna.


I definitely would say yes. I told this before and i will tell this again. Its a slightly worse (mostly because its slow) tragodistis that gives your entire team fricking instant invincibility. I thought it would be gread as soon as it is started and i have it at level 18 now and its not great. Its better than great. Its awesome. Also 1 2 level difference doesnt mean much. I have a level 20 stegod and no other dinos that pass level 20 and i am 4302 trophies right now. I have a level 16 in my deck. Not to mention if you have dilorana,paramoloch,spinutahsuchus or any other hit’n run dinos alankyla combos greatly with them. Definitely worth it


I eagerly made the new monodimedtridon… like a 12 year old on Christmas Day I busted my 40k coin wallet open and sprinkled those glittering coins right down the kitchen sink because I’ve not once used that piece of junk in battle. His moves are pathetic… I’m taking a waiting game approach to the bird hybrid but his utility appears to better (but I thought that about the nullifying immune guy too). I wanted something to take on monomimus but the new immune legend doesn’t have the stats to swap in and tank hits. Even starting out it lacks the damage stat, and has no 2x damage moves.

So I’d say be patient if you don’t have a large fund pool


Simple answear yes…


I’m using Alankylosaurs too (18lvl). It’s not a flying wonder but I love to swap it and watch Indominus hopelessly waste his attack after cloaking :slight_smile:
Besides, I wanna try something different. Arena is sooo boring without those changes. Trago, Stegodeus, IndoRex, Pyrritator, Tryo etc. all over again… :face_vomiting:


Agreed. Every now and then I shake up my team, otherwise it’s too boring and repetitive. That also usually means dropping down in trophies because I usually keep my teamsters the strongest.


I should edit the title. Thanks to some generous fuses it should say 75,000+ coins