Is alloraptor any good?

Since the epics are coming later today, is alloraptor any good? I haven’t seen one so I’m not sure, I also don’t know if it’s under the legendary drops as I haven’t seen one

It is under the drops. I don’t know if he’s good, I haven’t unlocked him yet

It’s good against practically any tank, and beats chompers too. The only creatures it’d have trouble dealing with are ones with Distraction moves and ones that are faster than it is.


I don’t have it but have faced it in the Arena. I think she is quite good. Worth collecting definitely.

It essentially beats anything slower, and loses to anything faster. Imo its pretty good


The only thing that saves alloraptor is immune to decel, if it didn’t had it, it won’t be very good. It needs a speed buff.

one of the best tank busters in the game. comparable to marsupial lion. as long as it doesn’t get distracted on its big hits, she’ll take on anything.

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But it does have Immunity to Decel. That’s the point. I think it’s speed is fine as it is.

You could say that the only thing that saves Erlidom is it’s Immunity. The only thing that saves Carnotarkus is its counter. The only thing that saves Velociraptor is it’s speed. Those abilities define them, and they just wouldn’t be the same dinos without them.
That doesn’t mean they need to be buffed.

Thanos would have been a pushover if he wasn’t so powerful. That doesn’t mean he’s underpowered.


The 126 speed holds it back from being one of the best legendary hybrids. One thing I don’t understand is why utahsinoraptor is faster than alloraptor.

Allo G2 is slower than Sino by more than Utah is Delta.
I think.
So the average speed is lower for Alloraptor.

I used my 3 attempts on it because allo gen 2 is exclusive dna so it’s harder to get opposed to the others. So today I’m shouting allo g2 on all attempts. Also Alloraptor can still go unique.

It is an efficient tank buster, especially against maxima. While it is excellent for its role, I’d advise against going above L20

I have an alloraptor
I have won many rivals with my little
But I have also lost mainly against Indoraptor G2
Currently the picture is how I have it
I easily win a trykosaurus Lvl 26 + Starbust

They advised me to wait for the unique

I recommend it


Here’s my girl. 19 boosts. I can’t decide if i want more health or damage. (may decrease speed at some point. depends on if i want her to be my hard counter to the twin towers.)


do you think I have unique?
I think it’s better to save the startbust
I want him to have 1500 attack or hibrid

speed and attack is better

I think it will definitely get a unique soon. I have a lot of dna saved up for it. More than enough to unlock and level unique if it does get one.

I was super tempted to just jump into alloraptor. That’s why I love the alloraptor @Qiew has. What a cute little savage xd

I’ve already decided to take the loss on boosts if she gets a super hybrid. right now, she has helped me turn the tides of battle on multiple occasions.

with 140 speed I have enough, I hope the hybrid is worth it
and give life or shield

Yeah I think if it gets a unique I think it should be something to add bulk to its hp/armor.

All 12 attempt were on Allosaurus Gen 2. Cole on unique!

*please keep it in the awesome raptor form and colors and don’t go ugly with it. Please no mammal mix!

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