Is alloraptor any good?

I’m also going for 12 allo gen 2 attempts, although I’m only averageing 30 dna. So probably going to spam allo gen 2 in the sanctuary. Hope fully the weather is good enough

Alloraptor’s good against almost any slower creature that can’t make itself faster than it (minimal speedup, mutual fury, etc).

3 alloraptors, 12 allos and a few lucky fuses later …

Now we wait.


Alloraptor is very good. It is one of the top 10 best legendary creatures in the game. That being said Alloraptor is only a hybrid, and it might get a super hybrid on day.
So don’t invest boost in it, and don’t level it past level 20.
That being said, if you don’t have Indoraptor Gen 2 at level 30, than get Blue DNA…

I don’t have the 30 indo gen 2, but currently my only unique is indoraptor so I think I might just stick with the allos

After missing out on the Legendaries, I managed to dart a few Allo G2, enough to get me nearly to 20.
Anyway, I was taking in its stats when I realised, Alloraptor’s tongue is pink.

And I don’t mean regular dark pink or red, but bright pink, so much so that it really sticks out in-game, especially against its colour scheme.

One of the notable things about Allo G2 is the fact that it has a blue tongue, so maybe the bright pink tongue (distinctly different from Delta’s, and the other raptors’, I checked) is a nod to that?