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Is alloraptor tooooo op

Here’s why I think he’s tooo op
1 the most annoying thing is that he is immune to speed decrease if you face up against a raptor and you have a carnonemys you have a easy win as you can decrease its speed and its easier to kill but with immune to declaration you are dead

2 rendering take down+2 rampage it’s so op distracting rampage and than reading take down followed by another rampage most creatures with no amour are probably dead

3 like 1 he is immune to so many things you can’t stun him to get a extra turn in and he cam swap out so no escape is pointless

4 he has so much attack 1700 at level 30 with max attack boost it can do 3099 and × 2 that’s 6198 and × 2 because it has 2 rampage that’s 12396 + a rendering takedown it can really kill everything

This is how I think he should be

I faced up against 1 and I could not even kill it with my whole team the battle ended with a 3-0
The stats of the raptor

  • Yes he needs a Nerf
  • No he’s fine
  • He needs a super big nerf
  • He needs a buff
  • He is too underpowered

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I don’t think it needs a nerf or a buff. It is really vulnerable to being trolled by swap-in and priority damage, but that isn’t necessarily a problem, it doesn’t really have to be endgame relevant anyway.

As for resilient creatures, it’s supposed to counter them, that’s it’s role in the game. It doesn’t have Immunity to Decel and Rending Takedown by accident. Any faster cunning creature should beat it pretty easily.


No. It has an exclusive component, and plus it has the lowest speed among all Raptors, so you just need a speedster that can outspeed it and Allo will be shut down. Its speed decel immunity is what made it unique, and allows it to kill the two Titans, in exchange for a few speed points. The removal of Pounce was actually a nerf for Alloraptor, since it can’t deal a x2 Attack and deal Distraction at the same time. Plus, not many people are willing to over level their Alloraptors in hopes of a superhybrid. Alloraptor is balanced imo


And it’s health is a joke it can’t survive past 2 maximum 3 hits. Again speed stat boosts help it live but anything can kill it as long as it cleanses distraction. If it wasn’t immune to speed decel it would be useless. Any resilient creature would kill it after taking one hit.


I agree. Honestly everything is weak to swap in attacks and priority. But its kind of like Monolometerodon, a Cunning-Fierce that can’t be slowed. Unlike Monolometerodon though, it doesn’t have the bulk to survive too many hits, so in that sense I think it’s more balanced and doesn’t need to be weaker or stronger. Its basically Monolometerodon done right.

I still miss it having Pounce on turn 1 though…


Well, yeah, but in relation to other creatures with the same role, Alloraptor is especially vulnerable, even if the opponent can’t cleanse Distraction, Phorusaura can swap in and KO it right away, same with Erlidominus (swap-into RT), Quetzorion and Erlikospyx. It’s just really easy to deny a takedown, compared to the endgame creatures, although that is arguably an unfair comparison.


Alloraptor is a perfect fierce and I’m fine with that. What is wrong with him is that he should be countered by cunning easier.
I suggest:

  • Removing Distract Resistance so he can be fully distracted by faster cunning which should counter him.
  • Nerfing speed to 125 so Grylenken is faster.
  • (Optional) Change Rampage to DSI so he has lower 1st turn damage against non-resilient but higher against armored resilients

What do you think about it?


Tbh I think grylenken Should be buffed but considering how much health it has I think it’s fine. It usually dies within turn 2 but not before dealing a lot of damage like it’s supposed to.

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I think Gryl is overally fine, but of course should be faster than Alloraptor


Yeah, sounds reasonable.

Grylenken could also do with a ferocious move and/or Sidestep, maybe even a combination of both. Raking claws isn’t very good on it.


Actually the problem is speed boosting on immunity to deceleration dinos, in this case it’s above that of other speedsters, such as indo or phora , or even velo ( some use it at high levels)we see this on others too such as rixis & mono , the argument that without it would mean he’s toast is fine, except with it he could sweep a team 3 0 probably the sweet spot would be to cap the amount of boosts that any Dino can be applied to speed thus keeping within a range ,

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I was thinking of working on it earlier today but wasn’t sure how well it will do in the end game?

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It’s probably better to wait for a hybrid.

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I don’t think it’s that far away in all honesty, the constant updates in balance through nerfs & buffs only goes so far . It’s noticeable how many players r no longer playing so ludia will have to consider what to do & what direction the game needs to go.

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No it’s actually pretty weak rn with the dependence on revenge killing

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Yeah, I absolutely prefer the way It was before with pounce, they could just have replaced definite impact with fierce impact or something instead of changing It that much, having pounce was so much better


Ya I think thats a the whole problem

Question: how long have you been playing the game?

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The only direction where players will not leave because of inconsistency of weird balance.
The game will only start when speed boost will be gone,then cunnings will do their job,as for fierce and resilient.
The version before 1.7 were cool,since this time,the game was not fun.
It started to be a bit better in 2.0 but sometime,when you see a Skyspeedboosted creature,you know there is no good ending to this game.
If a fierce creature is faster than a cunning,then they have no use.
Ludia don’t know how to balance them so they continue on the bad way.Maybe one day,you will even see erlidom with 5k hp,it won’t solve the Core of the problem.

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Once speed boosts are gone, people will request Attack boosts and health boosts be removed next. I see this as an absolute win lol. But at least speed boosts solve one problem that troubles tournaments:speed ties. But nitro chompers don’t fare too well in library and high aviary, since that’s when speedsters are 140+. Full 149 speed Chompers are quite rare

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