Is allosaurus better than t-rex?


Sooo my T rex is level 15 and at 3700 trophies (i almost got tk 4k at 3936) i find hess getting battered in 2 shots! Even against stegodeous levels 19 to 22 he loses and at most takes half their health. Should i level up my level 11 allo. I have 16,000 dna so could get him to level 17 or 18. Plus trex crit never works when you need it.

What you guys think?


A 4 or more level difference between trex and stegodeus means stegodeus can 2 shot it (ditto for irex, if it lands both apr and thag).

Personally i think allo is better.


but to this point… wouldn’t Tarbo be better because it has a 40% crit rate?


If you dont give Trex the edge for having shield shattering, then Tarbo is better than Allo simply because of the Crit rate. Allo is a little higher HP and Damage, but not enough to say it’s better by much.


I havent got thr dna for tarbo xD


Level is the real problem you are having… not necessarily the species of large therapod you are using. So, I would say whatever you can confidently collect and invest coins in would be the best for you. Of the two, TREX has a level 20 hybrid and allo does not, from an economic standpoint I’d say TREX is better.


@CaptainNewbs could you show us your deck so we can see what you might have that you could level?


in the current tank meta, shattering attacks trump most other things. trex is better. i still don’t use it though.


Well…here’s my own opinion:

Overall, T-rex got best damage output, because it got that 2x rampage, neither I or Allo have this move, we only got 1.5x.
Due to you’ll need a bunch of T-rex DNA for fusing, most of them will stuck in lv15 or 20.

Allo got highest health, and also the most common in all of us. That means it will be easier to over-level. A high lv Allo could be a fine anti-tank.
(I mean, over lv20)

Critical chance is my speciality. So based on some RNG mechanism, if you are lucky, I could generate better damage than Allo, which could surprise your opponent.:t_rex:

But Allo is comparatively more common, because he’s nest spawn for restaurant.
I am local spawn + park spawn, that means somehow harder to collect DNA.
That’s why you can see more Allo than me.


Also… Tarbo just looks more badass… and that’s a fact


So would allo level 19 be bettter than trex level 15?


I have a level 20 Allo and he takes down quite a few stegoesdeus, stegocerotops and a few other tanks in two bites. I get alot of crits with him. Plus has alot of health. Plus very common to level up. Dont see too many T rexes around plus most people use it for indo.


annnnddd… now I’m going to blow a bunch of coin and level up my Tarbo… I just want to see now. It’s true I feel horrible leveling up my Trex because it is taking away from my progress towards indoraptor, but i need a tank buster.


I have a level 21 allo and she is pretty awesome
I don’t rate t-rex at all in all honesty.


Yes alot better than :t_rex:


T-Rex is a beast. I leveled mine up to 24 so far and it deals crazy amounts of damage, especially with critical hits. Sometimes it gets 2 or 3 of the kills in a match for me if I bring it in at the right time. Lots of 1-hit kills too.


Yeah i never find trex and what i do find has gone into indom. I can imagine at higher levels he rocks but minr is stuck at 15 and i can get allo to level 18. So i am.just debating wether to switch to allow from trex because he is getting hammered


I was in the same situation as you. I had a ton of Allo DNA, and I got her up to lvl 19. Dropped T Rex and been using my Allo ever since. If the choice is between a low level T Rex and a 5 or so higher level Allo, go for Allo. The higher hp means you’ll have more opportunities to deal damage.


Save your T-Rex dna for Indominus & Indoraptors