Is Allosinosaurus Worth It?


In light of Ankylosaurus and Sinoceratops being the two primary epics for next week’s Featured Creatures, I was wondering if I should spend all my attempts on Sino, Anky, or split them. My Allo is level 15, while my Raja and Kentro are only 11 and 12, so I’m much closer to Allosino than either of Anky’s Hybrids. I’ll need about 550 more Sino DNA to get it to level 15, while my Anky is mid level 14. Should I go for Allosino? I’m high Arena 6 so it’d be competitive, but in the long term I’m not sure if it’s a wise investment. Thanks for your time and input.


I’ll add a question to that :
Allosino or utasino? Cause I can go for either of them and I don’t know what to do :grimacing:


Imo allo is better than allosino and utahsino is better than allosino (if it gets high level)


I’d go utahsino over allo given the option for sure. It’s speed, ability to reduce opponent damage and it’s instant charge attack’s are face superior that what all offers (not even defense shattering). It does need to be leveled up though cuz it’s HP is relatively lower than most you would see at that level.


i haven’t used allosinosaurus in months. no shield piercing attack. only thing special about it is instant charage, which doesn’t get the desired effect unless you are facing the 3 or so dinos actually slower than it.

utasinoraptor is still OK. you have to be careful with it still since the update. but it’s instant change usually gives you 2 attacks in a row. it has decent HP and armor.


I’ve used allo since I got him… hes a hard hitter but a last resort for me… its stuck at 16 til I can get more sino dna… before the big update it was even stronger… it got nerfed a little but still good in my opinion… pain in the ace against long invincibility and instant invincibility moves… it should have a defense shattering move since the allosaurus has one… if it had that more would use it I’m guessing


No one of sinoceratops hybrids are in meta now, i will go full ankylosaurus for trykosaurus in future a total beast