Is Amber Worth It?

So what exactly is the advantage to acquiring Amber when:

  1. None of hybrids can be bought with it, nor tournament creatures for that matter.
  2. It can only be acquired (at least thus far) from the Boss events (which can’t be done without at least 3 Boss creatures of your own)
  3. The creatures that can be bought with it cost roughly 10-20 times more than what they would cost with DNA.

I’m genuinely baffled by this decision, as both a longtime player and VIP member. Would it not make more sense to either make Amber more easily available if the costs are so high, and/or significantly reduce the costs so that they’re at least half the price tag of the DNA cost?

Because otherwise, I don’t see the point, and I already didn’t feel much compelled to complete the Boss only events before and tbh I still don’t feel any real desire to do them.


No you only need 1 boss to compete in boss battles . The boss vs boss can be tricky with 1 boss but it’s possible.

Those creatures can no longer be unlocked since the shuffle . If you don’t have the unlock yet you can not buy them with dna for the foreseeable future.

No the amber isn’t worth it. It’s pretty useless for endgamers and too difficult to acquire for newcomers.
I liked the boss vs boss battles before last update. They gave me forever locked creatures plus some dna. It was kinda fun when it was new .
Now i don’t bother. The fun has been lowered with time. May be once in a while i play the strike team but no battlefield domination anymore.


I kinda doubt that, at least nowadays since the opponent AI will put points into their special abilities if it means getting ahead. Maybe before the update, and even then I can’t imagine anything weaker than a lvl 30 Omega 09 or Salamander has a legitimate shot at it.


The boss v boss is dependent on your boss level and number.
If you have 1 boss you face 1 boss of appropriate level. When boss v boss first came i had 2 boss of lv31 and lv5/6. I used to face 2 bosses with levels between 10-25.


If they add tournament creatures in the amber market, they should put in more ways to get amber such as card packs and trades.


I agree with this, but amber isn’t THAT useless for low lvls. Carnoraptor can be a very good hybrid, followed by dime shybrid which helps them increase their lineup, but pyro is a hard part to get. Carno can be unlocked, so amber might be good for lower levels. Idk tho


Even then, no. The amount of Amber you need is ridiculous. If you need all 8 copies of Pyro then thats 88,000 amber. IIRC you can get a max of 750 amber from the final league of boss vs boss battles. That’s 118 times you need to win amber as the prize. Since it only has a 40% chance, that’s roughly 188 battles. Now times that by how long it takes to finish a battle, and now the grind is so excruciating it’s not even worth it.

It’s a route to obtain copies, but tbh I’d rather invest my time elsewhere and just wait an eternity for an unlock to come around…


No, 750 is from boss waves final stage, from boss v boss you can get 9500 nearly every day with the 2 battles one, meaning it may be good for low levels still.
And that’s an 80% chance, and with one boss that low levels have, omega, the whole event that’s 2 battles (and needs 2 battles to unlock) that’s about like 5 min, and for 88k, that’s like 9 battles, 45 min that’s spread out in a few days, meaning you can get max pyro in like a week.


The only way to spend amber is by buying creatures and then selling it maybe?
To the end game players (not me ofc) is it useful? I think not

If you are a post-reshuffle player, Amber may be the best way to buy those permanently lock creatures. On the other hand, grinding for Amber costs a lot of Dinobucks, so are you really saving anything versus buying the creatures with Dinobucks? I don’t know. @Sionsith 's analysis back in November suggests not

But the rewards have been tweaked since then, so his math may or may not still apply.

If you have Amber and need to buy one of those creatures, it saves DNA for more expensive purchases, so there’s that.

At some point hybrids and tournament legendaries may become available in the Amber market. While that may not make grinding for Amber worth it, it may open up a good place to spend what you do aquire


The Community has been asking this same question since November 2019…


yes, amber is worth it! thanks to him, I managed to maximize this beauty!

That ain’t exactly high praises considering how easy it is to get non-tournament and non-hybrid legendaries in this game these days.

I have two maxed out Scaphognathus’ and I got both of them like 4 years ago :rofl:

for me, it was impossible to have a single copy, I had to wait millions of years and climb mountains and no I’m kidding of course it was until it was super hard to have a copy because at every time I opened a package I got an unayasaur or a shunosaur!

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Some creatures are frequent flyer, others are very scare. For me Scaphognathus, Shunosaurus, and Antarctopelta are extremely common. Dimetrodon, for example, comes along much less often

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antarctopelta is not common, is it? and how ? I love antarctopelta too much and I would like to have some.

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depends on how you look at it IMO

Is it worth it to go out of your way to get amber… probably not but is it nice to be able to have some avenue to purchase locked creatures, yes.

I think I have around 100k amber and i’ve never done anything to obtain amber.

So by simply doing nothing i have some resources to purchase locked creatures I have had no way of getting before.

No down side on my end from the way it was before amber.

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It is not Common as in Rarity, but rather I aquire many copies in-game instead of having to purchase it common.

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What do you guys think of amber?

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