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Is Ankylosaurus worth maxing?

I realized that it has pretty great stats for its price. And since it is a very rare silver card pack drop, would it be worth if I buy 6 copies from shop on a discount day? I also have a level 40 Diplodocus. Is Ankylodocus worth it?


Ankyloducos is the 2nd best super rare hybrid (not counting s hybrids)
It has the same attack as spinoraptor but About 1k more hp

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although unlike gen 2 his lvl 40 is ugly, but his stats are all just amazing, with an overkill hybrid, so yeah, do it!




Ankylosaurus is best super rare herbivore and Ankylodocus is best super rare herbivore hybrid, so, 100% worth to made 2x ankylosaurus and then fuse one.


ungly? both ankylosaurs are cool at levels 31-40. :smiley:

Ankylosaurus is a good herbivore early game, it was a reliable herbivore for me until I got level 30 legendaries.

Ankylodocus on the other hand is debatable, although better, it’s stats are similar to stegoceratops and you will have to invest in stegoceratops for its super hybrid so ankylodocus is only worth it if even with stegoceratops you need more herbs in that range.

I would say max it (but not necessarily asap by speeding up with bucks) so you can fuse up to ankylodocus if you feel you need it later on, but it’s up to you, it’s good but not a must have.


For me in my old account, was Ankylodocus more beneficial, than stegoceratops, at pve when opoments were buffed, even their HP diference isnt too much in the end, it was quite obvious in battles, not to mention an attack, where the difference is more noticeable in itself,

It’s a question of dna, though, I like the model of ankylodocus and would like to have it but I haven’t fused it yet because I will soon have 4 level 20 stegoceratops, so dna is better spent on other herbivores like segnosaurus than another super rare hybrid herbivore.

Of course when I fuse them to 30 then I may feel the need for more herbivores so I may invest in a level 30 ankylodocus. It all depends on your lineup needs, but if you don’t have monostego unlocked, it would make sense to not spend dna on ankylodocus or parasaura until you have 8 copies of stegoceratops.


It is good for making its hybrid, anklodocus, which I road at L20 battling 3x a day to dom finishes when I first started finishing in dom.

Better at L24 for twice a day use in tournaments.


Every creature is worth maxing.

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