Is another great miscalculation coming?

Have you read about dracorex gen2?

I guess many of you have skipped this part of annoying evening dino, but look closer.

So any dino with less then 2280hp can be sniped with one SIA immediately. If your opponent has 2 frags and your dino has not so much hp, you’ve lost no matter what you do.

I think, it’s real, huge disbalance. People will spend all nights hunting them, spend tons of coins to upgrade it and in couple months Ludia will write “that was great miscalculation, now it will be garbage”.


That’s 2280 at level 26. Who has a level 26 Dracorex Gen 2

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Not everyone will have the time and/or coins to get a Dracorex G2 that high lol

The way swap in mechanics work this guy is only good in that one situation you mentioned but yeah hes a kiling blow or one hit wonder as they stated in the notes…

I look at it like this… he recently got a hybrid… and he looks like he signed up to beta test a move that will probaly get taken from him at some point im the future and given to the future unique of his hybrid.

Over leveling this guy should be considered a short term investment you most likely will regret in the future. But it will win you some matches

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This will be a definite upgrade to Drac Gen2’s previous ability which was just making me angry by looking like a raptor :pirate_flag:


If it gets a lot of complaints, you betcha it will. :rofl:

Toura, Impact and run for 1000 dmg. drex g2 enters play and instantly does 2000 dmg… Could be interesting

The next common tht people are going to be overleveling incoming

I thought Draco gen 2 was the one dino safe to level because it would never get nerfed. lol

If you chain Rampage and run then swap into Dracorex gen 2, the damage may even be enough to kill a full health dino.

That was the first thing I thought of when I read the notes :joy::rofl:

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Haha well played sir

Is it just me that HATES the fact that any good tactic we think of can just be nerfed at any time? With this ability I’m happy to go hunt down this annoying lil bugger and level it up but if it’s just going to be nerfed then it isn’t worth my time or coins. It’s like playing cards with a 5 yr old they make the rules up as they go.

I like this I’m going to post it again at some point sorry if you get to read it twice.

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