Is any deal for coins good?


10%more coins for 4500Cash


That deal is crap tbh… minimum I’d go for is 50% on the 25k one and minimum 25% on the 250k one


I think it was 2 weeks ago we had 50% more on chest of coins max purchase 3.

That was good.


So I should wait for a better deal?


I’m trying to work out how long until you get to lvl 12 for the one of offer. You don’t seem to be short of coins.

If I was you I’d wait and buy offer on level up.

You’d think with an expansion launching soon they be more tempting with the offers.


THose are the only deals I’ve ever seen. THe best is 37,500 in place of 25,000 but you only get to grab it 3 times. So the 275,000 in place of 250,000 is necessary to sustain your usage.


We have Scent lures and who knows what coming for sale. So another reason to not take a very modest 10% offer.



I had done a quick comparison on how much coins you get per 1 hard cash some time back and posted on some thread. Adding it over here to give an idea of what deal is best:

  • The 500 cash for 50% bonus (Total 37,500) coins is the best deal. You can get 75 coins/1 cash.
  • This deal give you 61 coins/cash which is not that good, but better than nothing considering this is the best deal we have had till now on the vault of coins.

With the new 1.4 update, one would need lot of coins: for evolving new creatures, scent capsules. So might buy this to get a good headstart on new meta.


INwould jump all over the 25% or 50% deal on 250,000 coins. But do those deals exist? I don’t recall seeing those in the last 3 months.


I think they are only offered to those with VIP


VIP only get access to super high priced incubators…
I haven’t seen where it’s worth it, cancelling mine after the first month. (Before the first month ends)
I haven’t seen any special deals for the VIP thing.


A deal is better than no deal. If you’re getting coins anyway, it’s worth it. It’s usually a couple weeks before they offer another deal on coins, except the one-time offers when you level up.



:thinking: straightforward i like it