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Is anybody going for Cenozoics?

Im just wondering does anybody even want the cenozoics? Im just curious. O and am I the only one pursuing purrutaurus? (Prob because i cant pursue the other hybrids) Is anybody planning to overlevel any cenozoics or the purrutaurus (bc of the rend) to fit the higher arenas?

I am.

A couple look viable at higher levels, and the others? well, I’m still on a mission to create every creature. I have one left now, but after the update should be able to create/collect all but 3, maybe only 2.

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I will go after all for creation purposes… may level a marsupial on the odd chances a tank meta every comes back. Other then that i will see how the others play.

I’m going for them all. Welp, at least the ones that I can afford to create off the bat.

Obviously not the Uniques. Purutarus defos. Maybe Ardontosaurus, but most likely not. Spinonyx is going to need more Spino G2 to even begin fusing, so she’s gonna be one of the last Legendaries that I’ll be able to attempt.

Any and all Cenozoics that I come across I want to create and play around with. Cause why not? Imma collector. :yum::nerd_face::wink:

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I kinda wanna level up Snow Kitten to team level cause it’s a Snow Kitten

gonna grab them for collection sake, might try them out, especially the murder bird.

Marsupial lion has potential to be amazing with a 90% chance to rend 75% hp of any dino in the game 2nd turn


i don’t even really care for the ice creatures or whatever i am just excited for the new hybrids.

terror bird!!


face to face youd be the kitten lol

Marsupial Lion looks usable in high levels. For others will see. Need to try all in friendlies. Will collect them all.

Got to complete the 1.7 dex.

I’m in Lockwood and Im planning on over leveling it till I get Grypolyth or Dio. And yeah. The Cenozoics look cool

Terror bird and the lion I’ll be wanting

Marsupial Lion assuming it’s wild not Arena exclusive.

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I read somewhere only 2 of the cenozoics will be wild 2 will be incubator only and one tournement locked…

Any withheld will never get to team level.

In the wild it would still be difficult to get enough.

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Yup, I’m going to get the smilodon and call it Nick Furry


Smilodon looks a lot alike Indoraptor. Providing its DNA is available to level it up to 15-20 it may become the new indo at lower arenas.

Some of them are strong to be used in medium level teams.

I will aggressively level the Terror Birb.

Dodger with a giant hit???
I am sold.