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Is anyone actually looking forward to this tourney?

So we can shuffle our boosts with no loss for this upcoming tourney.

Are you looking forward to seeing what you can do with your common and rare dinos?

Or are you like me, and hoping to get your 10 takedowns quick so you can get out of there as soon as possible?


not particularly looking forward to this. i do bad at advantage tournaments in the first place. i’m jsut wondering how far down i’ll fall from my entry score.

I dunno.
I’m pretty sure everyone will have a capped boost spread so it will come down to how you boost and dino levels.
It should be fun.
I will try and find time for it, but will probably only get an hour or so unfortunately.
Dino levels will probably be more important because it caps your boosts.

Right there with you. 10 takedowns and gone. Advantage tournaments aren’t that fun when you have level 20s with no boosts fighting max boosted level 30s.


I hardly ever try to go further in tournaments after getting 10 takedowns, because the rewards they give in each phase are scarce on tournament days, the only one I go to until the last is in the coin tournament.


Me! I’m not going to participate in it past my 10 takedowns but I appreciate a break from those terrible RNG tourneys.

Looking forward to getting the only over-leveled rare dino I have in my lineup. Will absolutely boost her stupidly for fun.

Not looking forward to anything else, though.

nope,i don’t need to reset anything.
Not even my ardentis with his 26 boosts.
Guys,don’t forget if you reset and spend your boosts,you will regret in 1 month because it will be worst than now.

That’s why I’m playing around with boosts all weekend in the arena and tourney and then deboosting everything Monday night before the event ends and then waiting. Until next update so I can finally have a full update to play the exact team I want. And will have all the boosts to make the team I want depending on any changes the next update will bring.


A lot of the members of our alliance are in the same boat jump in get the 10 dinosaur kills then back out because they are getting sick & tired of being ground into the dust by meta monsters or people using the damn dracorat G1 & G2 as a last shot kill to win them the battles.
Cheats way of winning IMHO ! do they care … NO they will resort to any dirty tactic they have at their disposal to win them the full 3 points for a win to boost their already over inflated ego’s ! lol

Great idea!

All I’m gonna do with this event is try some weird arena teams. The touney, since everyone else’s creatures will be boosted I say nope.

Will see how far I can get with my tournament team. Won’t boost anything for this tournament. DNA not worth the effort needed.

Will see if I will use remaining boosts to test some creatures in arena.

the thing I am sure of is that the epic hybrid tournaments will be well boosted, the reward of titanoboa will be enough to bait more than one.
I try my best for any tourney,because any personnal score in a team matter to earn the big reward.

I get my 10 takedowns and that’s it. Don’t see the enjoyment in it beyond that tbh. This goes for the whole thing, not just this tourney.

No. I usually enjoy Advantage Tournaments but this one seems rather problematic. Will play until I top my alliance in AP then stop.

DracoRat 2 sucks if you cant math. Draco 1 is pretty deadly without having to resort to its swap in move.

I am still thinking what combo to use. Swap Ins are 1 way to go. The other is bulk or counter effects.

Will boost my tourney team and play the opening few hours then deboost and spend the rest of the weekend experimenting with my arena team - not convinced Gem will replace Max …

I hate advantage tournaments on principle, especially since there are never any Unique advantage tournaments.

Not going to bother deboosting my team. Will just do the 10 takedowns and do nothing else.

Besides, I don’t need the DNA. Both ingredients spawn very frequently around the place I work at, so I’d get more from darting them than I would from this tournament regardless.

Oh I already regret it.
After the tourney I will pull all my boosts and put them back in my raid and arena teams.
The remainder will go into my tuning pool.
The continual changes in the meta have totally shut down my arena game and this shuffle totally saved me.
Next meta change I’ll be prepared.
I will never be caught boostless again. LOL

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